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Too Young To Grow Old

Too Young to Grow Old
by Anne-Lise Miller
In this ground-breaking new book, respected health practitioner Anne-Lise Miller shows why we don’t need to accept that ageing and worsening health go hand-in-hand. Minor ailments such as ‘brain fog’, feeling tired, headaches, sleeplessness, constipation, aching joints, weight gain and low libido are common symptoms … read more


The Coat
by Alan Reynolds
The worst decisions are sometimes made with the best of intentions, a simple error of judgement which unleashes a catalogue of life-changing events.

Keith Woodley, owner of a struggling coach business decides to treat his wife to a new coat and a night out for her special birthday. When she returns home with the wrong coat read more

Blessed, Bound & Broken

Blessed, Bound & Broken
by David Skivington
On the eve of the biggest festival of the year, the Indian village of Agnipatnam is in a frenzied state.

A teenage girl is hanged, prompting furious rioting. British television presenter Rupa and her team arrive amid the mayhem… read more

Climbers Three

Climbers Three
by Dennis Wynne-Jones

When the Wells sisters from the tiny hamlet of Denton, near Ilkley, Yorkshire, took up mountaineering at the start of the twentieth century, little did they know that they were to become pioneers in women’s climbing in the UK. At the time of the growing strength of the Women’s Suffragette movement, women-only mountaineering began… read more

Poems and Paintings

Poems and Paintings
by Eileen & Michael Scott
This book is a representation of the prolific output of two people who are extraordinary writers, artists, philosophers and scientists… read more


by Gill Belchetz

A young man tragically ends his life on the train tracks. From this final act, a rich tapestry of interconnected stories is born, spanning continents and cultures, weaving and relating… read more


The Cones are coming!

Meet The Cones
by Chris Madeley Illustrated by Zara Hussain

“Down a long street in the big city there stands a very tall building. On the top floor, in a special office, works a Very Important Person. He sits behind a huge desk with piles of paper on either side of him…” So begins ‘Meet the Cones’… read more


Cones Make New Friends
 by Chris Madeley
Illustrated by Zara Hussain

   Early one sunny morning Conerad and Conestance were standing at the end of a long line of Cones, talking quietly together. They were bored with standing in the same place. 
   Conerad said, “Do you remember, when we were covered in Moondust and we shook it off by rocking from side to side? Perhaps, if we keep shaking, we could move away.” Conerad frowned as he tried to move about…read more

The World's Worst Entrepreneur The World’s Worst Entrepreneur
by Aqil Radjab

Entrepreneurship is the dream of many. But what if that cherished dream turns out to be a nightmare? Aqil Radjab threw himself wholeheartedly into the entrepreneurial adventure. He went bankrupt ending up with his family in debt. After his bankruptcy he started to gather together the pieces of his life… read more

Tree of Innocence The Tree of Innocence
by Michael Scott

This book is a critique of the kind of human knowledge – religious, scientific, philosophical, political – that is supposed to explain and manage our existence. The author calls it Big-Knowledge. ‘The Tree of Innocence’ explains how it is faulty and the degree to which it misleads us. Big-Knowledge also faces a gigantic upheaval. A specific human activity, … read more

The Tinker The Tinker
by Alan Reynolds

“From the moment you begin to read The Tinker you realize something special is taking place between you and the words written between the front and back covers…” read more

Adventures of Ginger Mclean OFCs The Adventures of Ginger Mclean
by Amy Hodgins

Dear Reader,

This book is all about me and  the cruel world that I inhabit.

Ever since the reception class, I’ve stood out. I’d like to think this was because I am exceptionally funny, clever and stylish, but others say that it’s down to my CRAZY hair and big mouth. Whatever it is, I  am definitely not to blame.

A LOT of people are jealous of  me and that is why going to high school will be brilliant… read more

Inspiring Women Leaders
by Leigh Bowman-Perks

What does real inspirational leadership look like for you in the 21st century? How can you harness the power of diversity through being truly inclusive of women leaders?

In the aftermath of a global crisis, where the trust in many male decision-makers was undermined, people are hungry for better leadership. This needs our very best men and women.
In Inspiring Women Leaders, Lee shares the personal stories and wisdom from her interviews with over 100 female and male leaders around the world. They have found their own paths to success and happiness, as they define it, often in the face of adversity… read more

Inspiring Leadership

Inspiring Leadership
by Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

If you aspire to lead others or you want to enhance the leadership skills you already possess, this book will clearly show you the way forward. Regardless of your walk of life, corporate or military, education or scientific, sales or non-client facing, one-to-one or mass audience, wherever you require to lead, motivate and inspire others you need Inspiring Leadership… read more

Sixth Pillar m The Sixth Pillar
by Alan Reynolds

There is nothing as tragic as man’s inhumanity to man; what triggers such hatred that some are prepared to give up their own existence to destroy another’s way of life? …read more


by Leona Deakin

Psychologist William York is the last to indulge in fantasies of time travel. Logical and sceptical he tries to rationalise the inexplicable changes he finds when he wakes from a failed suicide attempt… read more

Eye Of The Unicorn Eye of the Unicorn
By Morag Higgins

On a dying planet two species compete for survival. The San, a people who have been divided into tribes through war, bigotry and hate, their population devastated by a mysterious illness. Their rivals, the Cuc, a hive species who declare all out war on the San. …read more

Kid Pro Quo Kid Pro Quo
by James Mackenzie Wright

Kid Pro Quo™ is an insightful, step-by-step coaching approach for parents. It explains precisely how we can become emotionally intelligent ‘Parent-Coaches’ and invites us to dance that fine line between praise and challenge, as we attempt to grow our children towards confident, cheerful adulthood… read more