Steps to WIN


Author: Ciara Feely
ISBN 978-1-910406-45-8

Clients go through different steps in their decision-making processes.  The more YES’s you get at each step, the more likely you are to convert the sale.  I will break down a few steps of this buying process herein, and show you how to align your sales process with how Planners make decisions. Aligning how you sell with how the Planner buys will be a key component in dramatically increasing your conversion rate.

It is a lot more time efficient and profitable to get clients off to a strong start—loving your hotel or venue from the moment they interact with you—on the very first step of their buying process. You want to get to a YES at each step of the sales process and keep moving them through each step
of their decision-making progression.

This is key to your conversion success.




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What they say…

After reading this book, you will know how to sell more. Ciara clearly walks you through how to build trust and confidence with the Meeting Planner so they want to do business with you. “
Andy Dolce – Owner and Operator of Dolce Hotels & Resorts, Voted one of the “Top 25 Most Influential Executives” in the Meetings Market

“I was chasing a corporate client for 3 years, each year filling out the RFP and bidding on their business but not winning it. I worked with Ciara, I implemented just three of the strategies she recommended and boom. I won 75% of that client’s meetings business for this year.”
Heather Thornton – Director of Sales, Yew Lodge Business Solutions, UK

“I have completed my review of your training materials. I think they are absolutely fabulous as is. I don’t think there is anything I would change.”
Jessie States – Manager of Professional Development , Meeting Professionals International

“Ciara has a brilliant way of focusing you on the client and making the sale all about them.”
Sally Lopez – Regional Director of Global Sales, Hard Rock Hotels, Europe

“We are always trying to get an edge, trying to figure out how to make Meeting Planners happy and win their repeat business. I really want to know their hot buttons. This is great because we get to learn what drives them nuts. We came up with a game plan, some bullet points. Some great things to apply with the team in Texas.”
David Townsend – Director of Conference & Convention Planning, San Louise Resort, Galveston Convention Center, Texas, USA

Opened Up a Whole New Market! Ciara helped us to open a whole new market segment that we hadn’t considered possible for our hotel. We converted two conferences within a few weeks of applying her advice and tips. She just made it easy.”
Tara Cronin – Vienna Woods Hotel, Cork, Ireland

I can relate to everything you are saying and believe you really understand the business when you highlight points about it all being about ‘YOU’ and being passionate. Passion to me, is definitely the secret of everything we do.”
Ciara Mundrow – Head of International Affairs, European Society of Cardiology

A must have for every sales team! I have been a Director of Sales for over 17 years now and cannot say enough about this book and what it has done for my sales team! “The perfect pitch” bringing attention to asking the right questions and standing out from the other hotels! This book will not disappoint! Thanks Ciara!!”

“Ciara’s training in this area will allow hotels and venues to engage in a much more proactive way with clients.”
Justine Thomas-Butler, Head of Meetings,  Incentives and Events, Arabian Adventures,  a DMC and PCO Company.

“We have converted a two-year deal for monthly training worth £250,000 to our hotel. It’s directly as a result of the approach Ciara taught the team.”
Danielle Isles, Director of Sales, Weetwood Hall Hotel and Conference Centre, Leeds, UK.