Authors: Leigh Bowman-Perks & Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE
ISBN 978-1-910406-55-7

Are you seeking to be a more inspiring leader however, sadly you just don’t make the time?

The authors have read and researched widely to bring you the best leadership nuggets and practical tips from their clients: CEOs, Public Figures, Senior Executives and successful people in authority from around the world.

These Inspiring Leaders have been in the thick of things. They have made mistakes and learned the hard way to persevere, apply the resultant wisdom and become highly successful.

Make this book your own by writing in it and highlighting tips and quotes that you find useful. See how quickly it makes a difference to your own performance and the performance of the people you are honoured to lead.

From many years experience, as Trusted Leadership Advisors, we find the enclosed wisdom helps people: find purpose, make more money for their businesses, wisely allocate their time and improve the quality of their work/life.