Too Young To Grow Old

Too Young To Grow OldAuthor: Anne-Lise Miller
ISBN 978-1-910406-30-4
Available worldwide from March 1


Why do so many of us believe that growing older means we must accept a gradual loss of health and wellbeing?

In this ground-breaking new book, respected health practitioner Anne-Lise Miller shows why we don’t need to accept that ageing and worsening health go hand-in-hand. Minor ailments such as ‘brain fog’, feeling tired, headaches, sleeplessness, constipation, aching joints, weight gain and low libido are common symptoms that many of us consider inevitable as we grow older. But if allowed to continue they can lead to more serious problems such as diabetes, dementia, heart disease and cancer.

Anne-Lise Miller is a nutritionist and complementary health therapist of 30 years’ experience. She challenges the myth that we must accept the ‘symptoms of age’ and explains precisely how we can take control of our own good health. This book is the result of her hundreds of clients begging her to write a book about her systemic approach to health.


In this book Anne-Lise Miller…

  • Challenges the belief that health wanes with age.
  • Explores how our emotions affect our health and wellbeing.
  • Demonstrates how taking control of our health brings extraordinary rewards.
  • Gives detailed plans and juice recipes for detoxing your liver, kidneys and gall bladder.
  • Provides recipes and juice combinations for healthy heart, prostate, and brain, plus foods to improve memory, and to relieve symptoms of the menopause

“This book is a tour de force; a rich blend of ancient
wisdom and modern science.”

Dr Nick Read Nutritionist & Psychotherapist

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What they say…

We are a complex system, our bodies and our nutrients and poisons. And yet, most of us really do not want (or need) helpful information and direction to be complex in response. A lot of commentary and analysis is just that – way too complex. In a world of constant and tumultuous misleading advertising that promotes profit over health Anne-Lise Miller offers simplicity and clarity around how to look after the only body each of us has.

Too Young to Grow Old outlines what we should be taking into our body and what we should not; and scientifically why. A significant part of the book is the HOW – what exactly should I eat and in what kinds of meals. As I write this review I am into my second week of enjoying chia pudding for each breakfast; I had never even heard of this dish until I read her book. It is delicious and health-promoting, by the way.

In addition to the science and the recipes there is a third strand to her approach – ‘mindfulness’. Mindfulness is rarely discussed in all the books of this ‘type’ that I have read in the last fifteen years. Mindfulness may very well be a missing key for many of us who are on the journey to become and remain truly biologically healthy; i.e. true to the ways our biological systems are supposed to work before they are overwhelmed by toxins.

This book will be a great companion, regardless of your age as you read this review, into your older years.
– Rennie Walker

This book is full of a goldmine of advice and practical tips and recipes which I can testify work miracles with the body.
IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN ELIXIR OF YOUTH – THIS BOOK HAS IT. In this day an age of fad diets and quick fixes which back fire on you, it is so refreshing to see a book with advice which really works, in which the author has given step by step ways to defy the myth of ageing backed by scientific studies and her own 30 years of experience. I had breast cancer. Though in remission, the Chemo had damaged my body. I felt and looked old beyond my years. The advice in this book transformed my life. I now look much younger than my years. No one believes my age. I have much more energy. This book is a goldmine full of advice and practical tips and recipes which I can testify work miracles with the body – that make a permanent change for the better.
P Sachdev

Readily usable. Positive contribution to my life!
Specific detox plans do-able home (liver, kidneys, general tissues). Super effective yet gentle on the body and emotions. Having had done 5 days water fast myself and Anne Lises’ 7 day tissue cleanse I can attest to MAJOR difference. With Anne Lises protocol I felt stronger than ever in my life. Almost a pleasure to follow compared to water fast. Now it is up to us to act! Detailed information and support are fully available…
Amazon Customer

Brilliant intuitive book. Bravo

What a fantastic comprehensive book
Such a fantastic book. An absolute wealth of knowledge for any knowledge level. Great layout with clear concise headings. I can’t explain how invaluable this information all in one place is.

An impressive and approachable guide to improving your health
With my background in nutritional therapy I can wholeheartedly recommend this book. A comprehensive and accessible book which gives sound advice backed by research and clinical practice and puts the individual at the centre to help you find what works for you. It is also a wonderful antidote to all those quick fix and fad diet books which promise much and deliver little. While those will end up in the charity shop this one is a keeper and one that will be referred to again and again.
Jayne Russell

I grow younger by the day!
What a goldmine! Worth reading from cover to cover as soon as possible. Then, it is laid out in such a clever way that it is a handy reference book. Wonderful recipes, sources for different ingredients, 7 day detox plan and many more gems to help me change my life and turn back the years. Thanks so much.
Georgie Matthew

Transform your life!
Having benefited from one of Anne-lise’s week-long purifying cleanses, I was very excited to get into her book and take it further. I was not disappointed. She is wise, caring and understanding of what real people’s lives are like and this book is an easy entry into a world of self-love, rejuvenation and transformation; it is easy to read, easy to follow and fascinating. I will be recommending this book to all my friends!
M Harrison

I have been waiting for a book like this on how to be healthy for a long time.
I have been waiting for a book like this on how to be healthy for long time. A book that gives you well informed information about how to eat what, when, where and why. Plus up to date information and knowledge that is back up by science. It is more than a ‘one size fits all diet book’ It is a life style book. It is a very good read as a book, but also is a book that you will refer back to over and over again.’

Let age inspire you
‘Too young to grow old’ is a tour de force; a rich blend of ancient wisdom and modern science; a smorgasbord of practical solutions, including healthy eating, sleep hygeine, exercise, stress management, work/life balance, creativity, nature and the environment, and detoxification. Treatment of lifestyle illnesses does not have to be about deprivation. We can all find pleasure in a positive and healthy approach to eating , exercise, work and relationships. Old age need not be a gradual deterioration, it can be a celebration of the vitality that comes from experience and wisdom. An inspiring read!
Nick Read

The perfect book for all my friends
The perfect book for all my friends! I like the fact that it explains why a little dark chocolate and red wine can be good for us. And there are some terrific sugar-free recipes.
Jayne Scott

It really works
I have read so many books in my career none of which could I believe was written by someone who really understood the causes and remedy of so many people’s lifestyle issues. Anne-Lise certainly does and I have no hesitancy in highly recommending her fantastic informative and more importantly “useful” new book.

It’s been a long time in production in order to fulfil its promise that this will definitely improve your health and longevity. If you don’t buy any other book this will certainly be a regular helper in life’s journey.

This is definitely for my friends, clients and colleagues. I am so happy to be able to recommend this special book.

This book will be on my future reading list as all that will be needed as pre course reading for the physical, nutritional and mental emotional components of health.
Amazon Customer

Really Useful
Reading “Too Young to Grow Old”, I felt encouraged to take positive actions with my health. The gentle and persuasive message I took from the book was that, even small, consistent changes are significant and can make a big difference to how we feel. Miller’s holistic approach and the step –by-step program gave me the impetus to start correcting some of my bad habits. I am now much more conscious of what toxic food to avoid, the poisons lurking in my house and the pitfalls of my attitude. I feel already clearer after few days of her easy recommendations. This book doesn’t make unrealistic promises or expects you to turn your life around and that’s what makes it so worthwhile.
Amazon Customer

A mind changing book that is changing my body and soul!
What a fantastic book! This has really changed the way I think about my diet; what I choose to eat, how I cook, what not to eat. Since implementing some of these ideas I eat in a way that works best for my body. I now longer base my diet around carbs but instead am mindful about what I eat. I have noticed that my energy levels have shot up, I am thinking with greater clarity and achieving more in a day. This book isn’t just about food. The concepts around choice have made me look at others areas of my life that are habits. All in all a mind changing book that is changing my body without depriving my soul.
Amazon Customer

This book is SO refreshing!
Finally! An alternative health book that treats me like an intelligent adult. Anne-Lise Miller actually talks sense without sensationalising everything. She explains EXACTLY why the choices we make each second of every day might be making us fat, sluggish and achey. And it’s NOT just because we are getting older! We don’t have to accept that the spare tyre around our waist, aching joints and constipation are just part of being over 50. Hooray! Rather than reach for an over the counter pill that might make the underlying problem worse, she gives practical solutions and explains which drugs, additives and ingredients to avoid and lists alternatives. It’s not just her opinion – she has backed it up with links to medical research papers – and case histories. I tried her 3 day plan (not ready to try the 7 day one quite yet) and I am already feeling clearer headed and my digestion is improving. I like the sugar free and gluten free recipes with colour photos at the back.
TJ Meredith