While we take on very few authors each year we do accept submission of manuscripts by email.

We read every submission made to us, but have to give priority to the authors we already represent. While we make every effort to respond within 8 weeks we may take much longer in busy periods.

Author biography

Up to 1,000 words about you. Please include your contact details with a mailing address and daytime telephone number.


Please email the first three chapters or around fifty pages and a synopsis. The synopsis should be a simplified explanation of the plot in not more than 1,000 words providing the theme and characters of your book. It should not be a ‘teaser’ nor should it be written as an ‘advert’.


Either the first 20,000 words of your book or a proposal of up to 6,000 words including:

  • The subject of your book.
  • Your credentials for writing the book.
  • Titles of similar books that have been published that you consider compete with your book.
  • A short outline of chapters.
  • One chapter of your book.

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