Inspiring Women Leaders

IWL OFC 2015Author: Leigh Bowman-Perks
ISBN 978-1-910406-16-8

What does real inspirational leadership look like for you in the 21st century? How can you harness the power of diversity through being truly inclusive of women leaders?

In the aftermath of a global crisis, where the trust in many male decision-makers was undermined, people are hungry for better leadership. This needs our very best men and women.

In Inspiring Women Leaders, Lee shares the personal stories and wisdom from her interviews with over 100 female and male leaders around the world. They have found their own paths to success and happiness, as they define it, often in the face of adversity. Many have been very open and vulnerable; sharing times when they have it wrong. They generously share how they’ve learned and found strength to pick themselves back up, so that we can all benefit from their lessons. 

The book is a call to action for us all. This is not a ‘women’s issue’ that a few good men support. This is an issue of inclusion, and we each have a crucial part to play.

This is an issue of Inspiring Leadership. 

Leigh is a motivational speaker, executive coach and senior team facilitator. She is donating profits from the book to the ongoing Inspiring Leadership Project and to selected projects that focus on making a sustainable difference to the lives of disadvantaged women and young people.

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What others say…

A fascinating read that uses real life stories to illustrate the different types of inspiring leaders across the globe… My awareness of the 8 components of the Inspiring Leadership Inventory™ was increased by reading each of the leaders’ unique stories. The book is shaped around these which I found was a great way to gain a greater understanding of each one. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to be inspired to fulfil their potential!
– Miss HL Liversidge

An inspirational read for all aspiring leaders Leigh examines the 8 core components that distinguish inspirational leaders from the rest. She has employed statistical data and empirical evidence to prove conclusively what people intuitively know: The ability to inspire is, by far, the most significant leadership trait.

Leigh discusses the strategies that great leaders of today, from all walks of life, employ to motivate others and explains how best to use them.

A recommended read for managers, executives and others who want their organisations and individuals to accomplish great things.
– Mr D Patel

Real leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders… Just as those is this book have doneAn inspiring collection of stories from amazing women (and men) from across the world. Leigh reaches out to real life women that all readers can relate to, bringing a personal touch to the book. It describes the qualities required to become an authentic leader of the 21st century with suggestions and helpful tips along the way. A recommended read for all those who want to understand the value of inspiration leadership. An inspirational book, written by an even more inspirational woman.
– Miss J Rabadia

A must read for anyone interested in leadership There are so many books out there about leadership, but very few that capture the essence in a truly inspirational and accessible way. The powerful stories Leigh has shared, not only from her own journey, but those of 100 women from around the world, bring to life what it means to lead in business today. Each of the contributors have not been afraid to share their vulnerabilities and strengths, with a very open and generous spirit. The stories, combined with an underpinning of neuroscience and psychology, are what gives this book a unique quality. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who has a passion for inspiring others; whether it’s as a parent, teacher, coach or leader.
– By ‘Amazon Customer’