Life of Mamils

Life of Mamils
Cover design by Martin Procter

Author: Martin Gatenby
ISBN 978-1-910406-48-9

When Martin Gatenby was a small boy, he saw the Tour de France on television for the first time. Like many people who have witnessed this great spectacle, he was inspired to dream of cycling across the cobbles of Northern France, over the Alps and Pyrenees and into Paris. For the truly talented few, fulfilling that dream meant a life of dedication and suffering, a career at the very highest level of the sport and a chance to count their names amongst the greats.

For many others, things were different. This is the story of one man’s personal journey from the grassroots of cycling to the finish line of the Tour de France, a journey that took him down some of the very same roads as his heroes and over many of the same mountains. He didn’t become a sporting great… he became a middle aged man in lycra and this is Life of Mamils.

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What they say…

‘All those for whom cycling is a passion will easily recognise a kindred spirit in the author of Life of Mamils’
John Reid –  Prologue Performance Cycling

At last, a cycling book from the point of view of the vast majority of riders out there. Witty, accurate and informative. We can’t all be pros, but this book shows how we can all enjoy the sport for what it is. Highly recommended reading.  
Sara C

I am not a cyclist but my partner is. This book gave me a great insight into why he is so passionate about cycling. Very informative and amusing. Loved it. A great read.
Amazon Customer

Brilliant read for the enthusiast or the casual cyclist.
Fat Rascal

Never been a better time for a cycling book and this one is a corker. Funny ++. The French will lap it up… get it translated!
R. Sumnal