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This book represents the thousands of us abused on board the ARK, who have been or are going through the trauma of clergy child abuse. By stepping out from the shadows and giving light to the truth, on what has been kept buried for too long, our collective voices will be heard. The longer the Catholic church remains in denial the more damning is their guilt.” …read more

To mark the end of the war in Europe the flag was hoisted in front of the School, and on 8 May and 9 May 1945 there was a holiday to celebrate VE Day. On 10 May there was a short ceremony at Morning Assembly to celebrate the Allied victoryread more

As Glam Rock stomped into millions of teenage bedrooms, John was signed to CBS Records, making his debut album at Abbey Road studios, and enjoying the hedonistic pleasures of a fully gay-liberated London.

He appeared on TV and rubbed shoulders with other stars, wrote and recorded the theme song for the movie, Open Season …read more

Are you getting the most from your blog? Is your blog attracting the right audience? Does your business even have a blog? …read more

The primary reason for the development of Equido® is to educate people from basic to advanced horsemanship in a method that is sympathetic to the needs of the horse.

…read more


The 6th title in the amazing,
award- winning Cones series
of books for children
Conestance, Conerad, Cone-Vera and Conen were tired of standing in a line. It was a lovely sunny day: the sort of day which makes you want to go out and have an adventure!

“I’m fed up of standing about,” Conen said, “let’s go and see what we can find.” …read more

“Another cracking read from Alan Reynolds”
The Valley of the Serpent is another sweeping thriller by Alan Reynolds, taking the reader on a roller-coaster journey through the Derbyshire Peak District in the UK, through Switzerland, France and The Northern Territories of Australia… read more

Helping children understand the dangers of playing on building sites
Conestance, Conerad, and Cone-Vera were dozing in the warm sun. Conen was becoming impatient and woggled off to see what he could find.

Conen returned looking very excited. “Come on sleepy-heads, wake up NOW!” he shouted… read more

“An absolute page
turner of a book” Alan Reynolds
Ella, Bess and Nessa grew up on a tough council estate in the north of England. All three have very different lives but all have endured the trials and tribulations of being cold, going hungry, borrowing from the ‘loan-man’ and begging neighbours for coins for the electricity…  read more

Are you seeking to be more inspiring leader, however, sadly you just don’t make the time?
This special edition Top Tips for Inspiring Women Leaders to celebrate International Womens’ Day and inspirational women who are making a difference in their lives, organisations and communities! …read more

From many years experience, as Trusted Leadership Advisors, we find the enclosed wisdom helps people:
find purpose,
make more money for their businesses, wisely allocate their time and improve the quality of their work/life.
…read more

“The ‘Cones and Electricity’ book is a great way for younger children to learn about the very real dangers of electricity in an enjoyable and informative way.”
Geoff Earl, Director of Safety, Health and Environment, – Northern Powergrid

Cone-Vera came puffing up the hill to join her friends Conestance, Conerad and Conen. She’d got up really early because she couldn’t sleep and had decided to go for a woggleread more


“…So much of what you say is moving, 
fascinating and engaging.”
Nicky Campbell – BBC Radio 5 Live 

“My mind drifted back to the winter of 1968 at St Marks Primary School in Jersey. The Railway Children dramatisation had recently been screened and was very much the talk of my class. One day a teacher walked around the room asking, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ read more


“Ciara has a brilliant way of focusing you on the client and making the sale all about them.”
Sally Lopez – Regional Director of Global Sales –
Hard Rock Hotels, Europe

Clients go through different steps in their decision-making processes.  The more YES’s you get at each step, the more likely you are to convert the sale.  I will break down a few steps of this buying process herein, and show you how to align your sales process with how Planners make decisions. Aligning how you sell with how the Planner buys will be a key component in dramatically increasing your conversion rate… read more


“What a great children’s book! One I would recommend to all my friends with kids.”

A wonderfully illustrated book for children about the Nose Nibbling Monster and how the bravery of one small boy and his eclectic group of friends attempt to convince the furry intruder to change the error of his ways… read more

Life of Mamils  “Loved it!! Made me chortle every time I looked in. Really engaging writing style.”

When Martin Gatenby was a small boy, he saw the Tour de France on television for the first time. Like many people who have witnessed this great spectacle…read more


“Great story. Would make a brilliant film.
Disney should sign this up!”

Fear and panic welled up inside her as she struggled but her efforts of escape were to no avail…

Many years ago, on the small Aztec island of Tolico, hundreds of people with extraordinary blue eyes were kidnapped from their native kingdoms and brought to be sacrificed to the Gods…read more

Black Belt Thinking

“Nick Forgham has related his many years of Karate practice, teaching and learning to business and personal wellbeing practice is insightful, knowledgeable and fresh.”

A Black Belt who is calm in a crisis, who knows their potential and how to achieve it. A Black Belt who knows who they are, and who is comfortable with others because they know and understand themselves. This book is about the Black Belt that is within you… read more

Cones-on-the-Rails-CoverOFC “You have all done a wonderful job and should be proud of the fact that right now, this educational engagement publication, is currently the only 4-7 rail safety publication currently in circulation within the industry.” Chris Leech MBE

Conerad, Conestance, Cone-Vera and  Conen were very excited. They were ready for another adventure! They were standing outside a beautiful  building with arches and lights. 
“This looks exciting,” Conen whispered. “Shall we go in and see what we can find?”
“There are no humans about,” said Conerad… read more

“A dark world of child prostitution, superstition, political corruption and murder provide the backdrop which keeps you hooked.”

…On the eve of the biggest festival of the year, the Indian village of Agnipatnam is in a frenzied state.

A teenage girl is hanged, prompting furious rioting. British television presenter Rupa and her team arrive amid the mayhem… read more