Cones and Electricity

cones-and-electricity-ofcAuthor: Chris Madeley
Illustrator: Zara Hussain
ISBN 978-1-910406-32-8

Cone-Vera came puffing up the hill to join her friends Conestance, Conerad and Conen. She’d got up really early because she couldn’t sleep and had decided to go for a woggle. 
“Hi everyone,” she called.  “I’ve had a super time. I met this really fun little guy who told me all sorts of things.”

Through each story, the author, Chris Madeley, has woven within the narrative  aspects of safety, friendship, kindness and moral and ethical principles. The illustrations by Zara Hussain are beautifully developed. Children are enthralled by the Cones and adults like telling the stories.

Conestance, Conerad and Conen followed Cone-Vera back down the path into the wood.

“It’s a bit creepy in here,” Conestance said and shivered. 
“I’m taking you to see Vic Voltage.” Cone-Vera explained and around the next bend there he was, sitting on a log, looking up into the trees. “Hi Vic, these are my friends. What are you looking at?”

…This is book 4 in the Cones series of illustrated adventures for children where the Cones discover the dangers of electricity.

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