Author: Chris Madeley
Illustrator: Zara Hussain
ISBN 978-1-910406-32-8

Conerad, Conestance, Cone-Vera and Conen were very excited. They were ready for another adventure!  They were standing outside a beautiful  building with arches and lights. 
“This looks exciting,” Conen whispered. “Shall we go in and see what we can find?”
“There are no humans about,” said  Conerad, “so let’s go.”

So starts the third book in the Cones series of illustrated adventures for children.

Through each story, the author, Chris Madeley, has woven within the narrative  aspects of safety, friendship, kindness and moral and ethical principles. The illustrations by Zara Hussain are beautifully developed. Children are enthralled by the Cones and adults like telling the stories.

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“You have all done a wonderful job and should be proud of the fact that right now, this educational engagement publication, is currently the only 4-7 rail safety publication currently in circulation within the industry.” Chris Leech MBE