PyramidsOFCAuthor: Dolores Storey
ISBN 978-1-906377-85-4

Fear and panic welled up inside her as she struggled but her efforts of escape were to no avail…

Many years ago, on the small Aztec island of Tolico, hundreds of people with extraordinary blue eyes were kidnapped from their native kingdoms and brought to be sacrificed to the Gods.

The inhabitants of this island were themselves imprisoned and living in great fear. If anyone spoke a word about the cruel and heartless actions committed by their leader, the one behind the deaths of the blue-eyed people, they themselves would be killed.

Only one person could bring an end to this insanity; the young princess, Astrid of Egypt. Astrid had been told that she was one of the last people on Earth whose eyes were blue but when faced with a ruthless, barbaric enemy she made a vow to do everything in her power to bring the guilty to justice.

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