Cones Make New Friends

Cones-Make-New-Friends-OFCAuthor: Chris Madeley
Illustrator: Zara Hussain
ISBN 978-1-910406-23-6

   Early one sunny morning Conerad and Conestance were standing at the end of a long line of Cones, talking quietly together. They were bored with standing in the same place. 
   Conerad said, “Do you remember, when we were covered in Moondust and we shook it off by rocking from side to side? Perhaps, if we keep shaking, we could move away.” Conerad frowned as he tried to move about…

So starts the second book in the Cones series; a magical, wonderful world within which the reader will never look at a Cone in quite the same way again. Fabulously creative stories, beautifully illustrated. Children love them and adults love the telling the tales.

In Cones Make New Friends our main characters meet and start a bond of friendship that will help them throughout their many adventures.

Cones live by strict rules, the most important of which is : when a human eye looks at a Cone, they are just Cones: no eyes, no hands, no faces, no voices – just Cones. It is only when the human eye looks away that those adventures can happen . . . and they do!

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Many companies and organisations have been wonderfully supportive
during the creation of The Cones series of books including:

Q Park
HA Fox Jaguar Leeds
Enjoy Digital

Chris Madeley interview on Made In Leeds TV…

What they say…

An excellent book that my son absolutely loves. Well written, great pictures.
Philip Butler

Good book to read to the grandkids, it had them asking questions about road safety, which is always good.
MJ Pitts

Great news!
My Daughter loves Meet The Cones!!
Claire Dibb – Director at Orchard Growth partners

…truly delightful.  I am a 47 year old woman and never expected to be so gripped by a children’s book and yet this enchanting story just transported me back to the times when I read to my young children and also to my own childhood. I was covered in tingles throughout (I think some of that magic moon dust must have landed on me!!)and every page just made me smile. Chris’s warm ‘voice’ just draws you into the story and characters. I can see children everywhere falling in love with the lovely Cones and I am sure there will be much anticipation for the follow up. This is a superb book for children to develop their reading skills and for parents to read to younger children. If this book had been around when my kids were young it would have come off the shelf time and time again to be read. I’m conescious that I may now be rambling but please conesider me a part of the Cones Fan Club. Conegratulations Chris. Can’t wait to read the next one!
Vivienne Duke, Author

Fantastic! My son loves them. Can’t wait for the next one to come out!
Ruth Reid