Inspiring Leadership

Inspiring LeadershipInspiring Leadership
Author: Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

ISBN 9781906377861

If you aspire to lead others or you want to enhance the leadership skills you already possess, this book will clearly show you the way forward.

Regardless of your walk of life, corporate or military, education or scientific, sales or non-client facing, one-to-one or mass audience, wherever you require to lead, motivate and inspire others you need Inspiring Leadership.

Why do you follow some people and not others? What qualities do you need to become a good leader? Jonathan Perks has had thirty years of leadership experience at all levels of the British Army and global business. He combines this experience with wide research and has identified eight qualities that are evident in all successful leaders. Jonathan is a person who loves leading others and whom others willingly follow. The message of hope in this book is that the ?inspiring leadership” qualities that Jonathan describes can be developed by almost anyone.

Using the authors compass model, you will be able to identify your own “true north”. As you read this book and make small changes to your behaviour, you will be more successful, you will be happier and will live your life “on purpose”. Applying these principles will have a positive impact on every aspect of your life.

Inspiring Leadership is based on Jonathan’s personal experience and includes stories from people he considers himself privileged to have worked with. This book has the potential to change the way you approach your life forever.


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What others say…

“It is an excellent concept and will make a significant contribution to the understanding of leadership. A combination of a theoretical discussion and a personal memoir strikes me as a great formula.”
General Sir Richard Dannatt

“The author tackles an aspect of leadership which is often avoided – either because it is too difficult to capture or is ignored as irrelevant.  On the contrary, unless a leader loves those he leads then inspiration and motivation become elusive.  I commend this book.”
Major General John Stokoe
Vice President/Managing Director BT National Government Division

“An essential book for business leaders with pragmatic tips and wise advice from powerful stories.”
Deanna Oppenheimer
CEO Barclays Retail Bank

“Deeply moving, inspiring, and highly relevant for today’s global leaders needing to find new ways to gain greater performance and insight in such challenging times.”
Katherine Tulpa
CEO Association for Coaching

“This message would be bold enough coming from the life of a leadership developer, an executive coach, a builder of corporate teams. Jonathan is all of these. But this message is profound coming also from a military officer, decorated for his leadership brilliance and his success in the organisation that hardly anyone associates with the softer people skills.”
Nancy Kline
President & Founder of Time to Think Inc.

“In writing this book, Jonathan Perks has unequivocally created his magnum opus in the field of leadership. Inspiring Leadership represents an important source of information that must be read, studied and applied. As such, it will hopefully serve as an invaluable resource for those who work in any aspect of executive coaching and leadership development.”
Reuven Bar-On
Author of EQ-i and co-editor of The Handbook of Emotional Intelligence and Educating People to Be Emotionally Intelligent  

“What Jonathan has to say about being a leader comes from his heart as well as his head. It is about what leaders need to ‘be’ as well as what they need to ‘do’. That is what makes it so succulent and practically useful.”
Oliver Johnston  

“Anyone who follows his eight-point compass model which outlines the principal components of an inspiring leader will discover a model that helps them take control of their lives and, as Jonathan says, enable them to live their lives `on purpose.”
Christine Emmingham
MD – Grayling PR