Dolores Storey

em's croped picDolores Storey says:

I got the idea for this book when I was twelve. I had just got off of a plane; a cramped one that showed terrible chick flick movies on the backs of seats and had very questionable food like mashed potatoes that my mom said came from a box? I had just landed in Egypt. A trip that was given to us when I met my role model Dr. Ziha Hawass. Having wanted to study ancient Egypt as a child, finally being able to see the place I had dreamt about for years was far too much for a twelve year old to handle.

I remember the cool night air tasting funny, like it was thick with sand and dust. I had thought it odd how people said Egypt was cold at night, but growing up in Michigan when forty degrees was chilly, the night weather in Egypt was something to look forward to.

Each day I was granted special permission from a note hand written by Dr. Hawass to let us go into tombs that hadn’t been seen by humans in years and even stand between the paws of the sphinx. In one tomb that hadn’t been opened in two decades, I found the inspiration for Pyramids. My dad was fighting to breathe in the aged air and my mom was nearing heat stroke. The guide, another Egyptologist, had helped me down a ladder to see the makeshift burial chamber of this tomb. 

This tomb had belonged to a Pharaoh’s musician some five thousand years ago. It was small and the man’s body was behind glass, fitted within the rock. The idea for Pyramids hit me as strong as the thick air. The idea of a young girl visiting the tomb of her friend, a musician. This idea had evolved by the time I got home from just a tiny scene in my head to something huge, as you will see – hopefully.