Cones Power and Nature

Author: Chris Madeley
Illustrator: Emily Vaughan
ISBN 978-1-910406-79-3

Dawn was breaking and casting a warm glow.  A large ship was ploughing its way across the heaving sea and turned to come towards the port.  A green and white Cone was on the deck, woggling backwards and forwards.  He was very tired, it had been a long journey from America.  As the ship turned to face the port, a small tug chugged out to sea to help the ship dock safely. 

The award winning Cones series continues with our four friends discovering that how electricity can be produced sustainably as they are given a tour of a power station. 

Author, Chris Madeley and all in Team Cones are passionate about helping children understand aspects of safety, friendship, kindness and moral and ethical principles by which to be guided. With wonderful illustrations by Emily Vaughan, children and adults alike will love this new adventure in Cones Power and Nature.