Cones on the Waterfront

Author: Chris Madeley
Illustrator: Zara Hussain
ISBN 978-1-910406-66-3

Conestance, Conerad, Cone-Vera and Conen were tired of standing in a line. It was a lovely sunny day: the sort of day which makes you want to go out and have an adventure!

“I’m fed up of standing about,” Conen said, “let’s go and see what we can find.”

“Good idea,” Conerad agreed. Conestance and Cone-Vera both smiled and nodded. The four friends found a gate which opened onto a lovely wooded path.

“Smell the trees and the new grass,” Conestance said. “It’s so lovely to be away from all the traffic and noise. Let’s see where this path goes to.” So they got in a line and woggled away into
the woods.

The award winning Cones series continues with our four friends discovering that waterways are safe but only if you know what to look out for.

Author, Chris Madeley, is passionate about helping children understand aspects of safety, friendship, kindness and moral and ethical principles. With illustrations by Zara Hussain children and adults love the adventures of the Cones.