Cones on Site

Author: Chris Madeley
Illustrator: Zara Hussain
ISBN 978-1-910406-65-6

Conestance, Conrad, and Cone-Vera were dozing in the warm sun. Conen was becoming impatient and woggled off to see what he could find.

Conen returned looking very excited. “Come on sleepy-heads, wake up NOW!” he shouted. “I’ve found the best place ever to explore! Wait ‘til you see it!” They followed Conen and just around the corner was an amazing sight…

Through each story, the author, Chris Madeley, has woven within the narrative  aspects of safety, friendship, kindness and moral and ethical principles. The illustrations by Zara Hussain are beautifully developed. Children are enthralled by the Cones and adults like telling the stories.

…This is the fifth book the Cones series of illustrated adventures for children. In this story the  Cones discover the perils of playing on building sites and are taught some of the reasons why they shouldn’t.