Author: Kirsty Jayne Crow
ISBN 978-1-910406-49-6

“My mind drifted back to the winter of 1968 at St Marks Primary School in Jersey. The Railway Children dramatisation had recently been screened and was very much the talk of my class. One day a teacher walked around the room asking, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ The usual answers flowed: doctor, nurse, pilot, astronaut, scientist and then suddenly it was my turn. ‘I want to be Jenny Agutter’. The teacher smiled a little quizzically and then announced, ‘Julian likes trains, he wants to be a train driver’, before quickly moving on to the next eager child. But it wasn’t like that; it was something altogether different, something of which I had no understanding, yet something that nonetheless was there. Jenny Agutter, there in my mind all those years ago and here again now in my hospital room, as I anticipated the most momentous event in my life.”

This is one person’s journey of reassignment. It spares no blushes while taking the reader through highs and lows in a narrative that tells it from the heart. It will make you smile, it may make you cry but in the end you will be left with an insight into the life of someone who is willing to share her experience as she became Kirsty Jayne Crow.

“…So much of what you say is moving, fascinating and engaging.”
Nicky Campbell – BBC Radio 5 Live

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What they say…

An exceptionally well written and at times emotional account of the gender re-assignment journey through the eyes of Kirsty.
When I downloaded this book I was curious and if totally honest expecting to find parts amusing. What I got was an insight into a world I knew nothing about and a growing sense of realisation into the long and difficult journey individuals face when taking this route and the impact it has on just about everyone around them.
An incredibly brave decision and subsequent journey taken by Kirsty! I defy anyone to read this book and not come away with a huge amount of respect for Kirsty’s ex-wife & daughter and anything less than an entirely sympathetic and compassionate appraisal of such a difficult decision.

A lovely book.
Kirsty’ sense of humour and innate generosity help her to work her way through the many obstacles she had to face in order to become the woman she always knew she was inside. She was so lucky to have such a supportive family, and to find other allies along the way.

It must take an almost inhumane amount of mental and emotional strength, courage and persistence for anyone to take the journey Kirsty has taken, and I have huge admiration for everyone in a similar situation. It’s terribly sad that some people will have the same feelings as Kirsty, but for whatever reason, is unable to make that transition. I’m not sure I would have had the courage to do so if it were me, but even if I did, I doubt whether I would emerge with the same grace and style as Kirsty. She’s a very remarkable woman, and I hope she has all the happiness she so richly deserves. Brava!

This book is a must read!
It gives a great account of Kirsty’s life, from trying to come to terms with, as a boy, knowing that something isn’t quite right, to eventually realising that she is the girl, that she always wanted to be!
This book is extremely well written and once you start it you will find it very hard to put down!

An amazing show of true love from both Julia & Emma…
This book gives a very good account of the long tough road people with gender dysphoria travel, without ever really getting to the end of that road due to the discrimination that continues to follow them.