Start Line

Author: Martin Haigh & Geoff Cumber
ISBN 978-1-910406-12-0

‘A lack of exercise could be killing twice as many people as obesity…’
Research from The University of Cambridge

Mounting evidence shows that regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and can help reduce the risk of developing a range of negative health issues.

Those who exercise are less likely to get ill and they will generally live longer.

Physical activity does not have to be vigorous and people, from young children and teenagers through to pregnant women and the elderly, can incorporate some form of exercise into their daily routine.

This book uncovers the physiological advantages of running and demonstrates how a feeling of well-being equips us to handle challenges in life.

Start Line goes beyond running and covers the broader topics of flexibility, strength training, high intensity training (HIT), swimming and cycling. There are expert-ratified chapters on pain management, running for women and access for the disabled as well as numerous valuable ‘Authors’ Tips’.

Martin Haigh and Geoff Cumber have been running for pleasure, health and in competition for many years and they bring vast experience to bear in this easy-to-navigate text.

Start Line is an inspiring read that shows how and why people can take up the sport of running and gain enormous benefits to their health and well-being.

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What they say…

Waterstones feature in Hudds Examiner 1

Martin Haigh and Geoff Cumber are what most of us would regard as ‘elite athletes.’ They’re serious club runners who have run more than 50 marathons between them, compete in triathlons, have won numerous prizes and raised lots of money for charity.

This long experience in the sport certainly gives Martin and Geoff the authority and credibility readers expect from a guide book on running. It begins with a sensible approach to beginning physical exercise, health, life style and the emotional benefits. Practical advice on what to wear and choosing the right running shoes follows. There are chapters on training and injury prevention, diet and even a chapter dedicated to women, covering shoes, sports bras, safety and running during pregnancy.

I found the book really inspiring. I’d only read a few chapters and felt I just had to go out for a run! I think I’ve even improved my running style by reading Start Line. I’ve always thought how hard it is to get across to people that don’t do sport just how much we get out of it – the runner’s high etc. Martin and Geoff have succeeded in conveying that message. They’ve helped promote some very positive messages – like the fact that running could prevent someone from having to take medication for diabetes. Running can be a life saver – it’s fantastic news for people who can give running a go and get healthy. The book contains just enough technical and scientific information to make it useful and interesting without being too over academic.

Another thing I like are the authors’ tips – they are a great insight into the real world experiences of running and some of them are quite entertaining and certainly add personality and character to the book.

Start Line definitely gets my vote and I would recommend it to anyone new to running or thinking about taking up the sport for the first time. It’s also extremely useful to those of us who’ve been running for decades.

Louise Clarke – Corporate Writer