Pippa Bonner

Pippa BonnerPippa Bonner is a wife, daughter, mother and grandmother. She recently retired from hospice work in Leeds where she ran a bereavement service. She has a social work background. She studied and obtained a theology degree when she joined Catholic Women’s Ordination (CWO) 20 years ago so that she could learn more about Catholicism and feminist theology.  

Pippa believes she has a calling to priestly sacramental ministry but is unable to test it out as the Roman Catholic (RC) Church does not currently help women to discern a vocation to priestly ordination. She also recognises that the outlook and structure of the Church would need to renew and reform and become less clerical, hierarchical and more inclusive and local, for women to be able to work effectively as priests within the RC Church.

Pippa works as a volunteer in her parish and local hospital and is active in other renewal movements in the Church. She also writes articles of a spiritual and therapeutic nature.

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