Jacqueline Straub

Jacqueline was born in 1990 in Sigmaringen in the south of Germany (Baden-Württemberg). Her path of faith began at the age of fifteen when she was with a school friend at a Christian youth camp. Since then, Jacqueline describes feeling in her heart a calling to become a roman catholic priest.

Through pilgrimages to Rome, Assisi, Taizé and Jerusalem, Jacqueline’s faith in God and in the Church, grew and strengthened. Since her first sense of calling to become a priest, she has striven to help develop a new courage in faith and to be a part of an ever-growing movement to reinvigorate the roman catholic Church.

Jacqueline began to study catholic theology in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany), Fribourg (Switzerland) and Lucerne (Switzerland). In July 2016, she finished her masters in theology with summa cum laude.

Jacqueline founded an online web presence to realize a modern form of church and Christianity that brings the Christian faith to a younger, wider audience and one that brings the Church in a new way to people through the use of technology such as using video to transmit sermons as well as spiritual texts, articles and commentary on current religious events. Please visit www.preachers.news

Since 2011, Jacqueline has publicly proclaimed her vocation and regularly speaks about it in the media. She was a guest on several TV talk shows across the German speaking area of Europe. See more at www.jacqueline-straub.de

Jacqueline lives in Switzerland and works as a freelance journalist, author and lecturer in the church and on theological issues.