Equido – Path of least resistance

Author: Morag Higgins & Mark Higgins
ISBN 978-1-910406-69-4

The primary reason for the development of Equido® is to educate people from basic to advanced horsemanship in a method that is sympathetic to the needs of the horse.

Equido® has been accredited by LANTRA for over ten years and in that time there have been over 500 students who have studied the system. The premise for writing this book is to show people another perspective in working with horses.

Within these pages you will see vets, farriers, bodyworkers and trainers going about their day-to-day work as a result some of the pictures show horses coming in from the field. What you see is an honest representation of work carried out on a yard. We also wanted to show that it is not just the trainer who is involved with the horse but a team of highly skilled equestrian professionals.

In reading this book our hope is that you find information that is beneficial to you and your horse and perhaps this will be the start of your journey of discovery along the path of least resistance.

Congratulations to Laura Manby, a trainee from Carluke in Lanarkshire, who won the Equine category at Lantra Scotland’s annual Land-based and Aquaculture Learner of the Year Awards. (Read the full editorial here).

Laura with Scottish broadcaster Dougie Vipond


Equido… What they say…

“This book is a must for any human who wants a greater bond, a greater understanding and a greater way of being with their horse. Providing clear knowledge and understanding to allow us humans to look at our role and what we bring to our equine relationship not only in the saddle but on the ground. Equido provides a clear path to enhance our relationship with our treasured equines. I truly believe if you want to gain insight, knowledge and understanding then this book is the one – written by specialists who are leading the way in the equine world!”
Margaret Rae – Learning & Development, Training & Coaching Consultant

“This book brings horse and human together as one and helps the reader understand how both are equal and how understanding our horse helps us achieve our goals.”
Andrea Hibbert – Shiatsu Practitioner

“Mark and Morag are skilled, dedicated and ‘listen’ to the horses point of view. If horses could smile they would!“
Vicky Devlin – Masterson Method Practitioner

“I have been looking for a different approach to take in my work with remedial horses and I am extremely lucky to have found Equido. It has taken me to a deeper understanding of our Equine companions. A very useful guide to take with you on your journey as a horseman or woman.”
Antoine Ruault – Equido Level 4 Student

“We can sometimes unwittingly place obstacles in the paths of our horses causing confusion and frustration for all concerned. For the sake of the horse, we must strive to do better – to be better – this is at the very heart of Mark and Morag’s work.”
Laura Manby – Equido Level 3 Student