BrujaAuthor: Morag Higgins ISBN 978-1-906377-50-2

“publishing hit of the year”

Glasgow Evening Times

This is the true story of a life shared and a relationship formed over twenty years, between Morag Higgins and her companion, a horse called Bruja. At times humorous, often deeply emotional but overall one woman’s story of a lifelong bond between her and a horse from which she learned so much. Morag has been riding for over thirty five years and teaching for almost three decades. She has had the privilege to have known and worked with many, many horses in her career having participated in several disciplines such as jumping, dressage, one day eventing, showing and western riding. In ‘Bruja’ Morag encapsulates the life of one horse and its profoundly moving effect on all who knew her. visit author  


What others say…

Fantastic Read!…Morag Higgins really does know how to keep the story moving. This Is about her horse and it’s wonderful. It will make you smile, laugh and cry.


Sheer brilliance!… A brilliant book that I was glued to and in the end had me in tears it makes me think of how I will deal with this when it happens to my ten year old.

A Kellow

…brilliant bookA delightful, interesting read that will keep you turning the pages. It made me laugh and made me cry and makes you understand why we do all we do for our horses. A must read for all horse lovers, and maybe those who don’t understand the love people have for their horses, it might make you change your view.


Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book… I had a good laugh and a good cry in equal measures. If you enjoy reading about peoples relationships with their four legged companions you will love this book. Can highly recommend it.

Sarah Howson

A real life Black Beauty… I have never enjoyed reading a book so much in years, I simply could not put it down, I laughed out loud and I cried out loud, a really touching story of what it means to have a horse as your best friend. Bruja is a perfect gift for adults and children alike, it will touch your heart and inspire you, an absolute must for anyone who cares about animals.

Margaret Colquhoun  

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