The Little Book of Visualisation

The Little Book of VisualisationAuthors: Rachel Walmsley & Rick Armstrong 
ISBN 9781906377137

Visualisation is the ability to use your imagination and your emotions to energise an idea and gradually draw it into your reality. It can be used to build confidence or to enhance wellbeing, ultimately whatever it is you wish to focus on this book will help you to visualise a successful outcome.  

We encourage you to use this approach in the workplace, with your team, in your personal life, or as a teacher or educator, or as chair of a committee or school council. It can even be used in the boardroom to help you move towards your organisational aims.

Based on the visualisations in the book, we encourage you to create your own positive visualisations to suit your particular goals and intentions. One thing for sure is that this book will change your life!


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What others say:

This is a great little book on so many levels. There are a lot of books out there that boggle the mind on the subject of visualisation, but this is a brilliant practical tool that can be used both for more prolonged meditations, or just as a handy way of getting your head together and focussed half way through as busy day.

This book is a great reference for quick guidance towards tackling the negativity and limits that seem to be all around us in daily life. It changes the way you think. If you want something that really works and isn’t going to overwhelm or blind with science, try this. Nice Job!
J Haslam

Visualisation is life transforming. It is the best way to change negative thoughts to positive; it empowers individuals to achieve all they can dream. Visualisation helps create a future filled with opportunity. This pocket sized book will help you to take control of and plan your life.

Margaret Lupton
Head Teacher – Primary Education

This little book is packed with great techniques that will help readers clearly see today a perspective of how great tomorrow can be.
Kate Reed
Inspired Life Training

The authors have clearly put thought into condensing transformative techniques in a way that the reader can easily and quickly establish precious moments of visualisation.
James Mackenzie Wright
Author of Seven For A Secret

Lovely book will read time and time again. It made me smile. It has made me determined to put the words into practise.

I’ve found the methods very effective and useful. As simple as they may be I believe it’s helpful to have some material to refer to.
– Luke

Loved it!
Kerry Thompson