The Little Book of Positive Thoughts

The Little Book of Positive ThoughtsAuthors: Rick Armstrong & Rob P Brown
ISBN 9781906377083

Whether in your business day or life in general, opportunities abound but sometimes you just need a bit of a shove to truly see the potential that exists.
This book is packed with positive messages that you can read time after time and still find something new; a different perspective, a stroke of inspiration, a spark to ignite your motivation, something to make your business day more successful and your life a lot happier.

This little book is already changing people’s lives, it could change yours or that of someone you know!

The Little Book of Positive Thoughts is anything but ‘little’ when it comes to the big ways that it can inspire positive change.  It is simple, profound, and powerful and it is the freshest approach to motivating people toward achieving higher levels of success that I’ve seen in years.”

Ivan Misner NY Times Bestselling author and Founder of BNI

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What others say…

This little book is big on getting results. It is a true gift. Open this book at any page and your spirit will be lifted and your inspiration recharged. Revisit the same quotation again and you may get a whole new perspective. Turn the book through ninety degrees and you’ll see, in the margin, positive messages reinforced. The authors have used phrases which make it easy to visualise what you need to do to acquire the success in abundance that is waiting for you.

There are volumes and volumes of motivational books available around the world but no one should leave home without a copy of this book in their pocket or briefcase. As it says on the cover, it will make you think and it will change your life.
Niri S. Patel
Contributing author to #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller: Masters of Success

A collection of thought-provoking messages that will make a real difference to your inspiration, motivation and perspectives. It’s one of those books that you absolutely HAVE to read more than once.
– Andy Bounds
Author of business bestseller: The Jelly Effect

 I found the book a refreshing change from your average motivational book, it just goes to show less can be more.  The simple digestible concepts offer great advice to people looking to develop themselves through positive thinking and analysing their approach.
Andrew Wood FCCA
Equate – Chartered Certified Accountants

I have read it from cover to cover and can find nothing but praise for the advice it contains. To me it is a message of faith which should be followed by everyone, clearly not just those in business, it really does make you think.”
Donald Mant
Financial Director GEI

…this little book is totally brilliant!”
Jennifer Celerier
Contestant on ‘The Apprentice’ and co- founder of KGJCP

This book is very witty and full of helpful phrases. It’s POSITIVELY genius!
David Jones
Sun Jones