So you want to be a… Private Investigator

So you want to be a... Private InvestigatorAuthors: Ray Castlehow & Rick Armstrong
ISBN 978-1-478172-53-3

When the authors set out to put together these top tips for private investigators they said, ‘What would I like to know if I was starting for the first time in this business…’

If you are considering setting up as a PI or you are already established, there are tips within these pages that will point you in the right direction, perhaps provide a timely reminder of the things you may already know but have let slide or simply ideas to maximise the many opportunities that exist.

Being a PI is a great career to follow but importantly and above all else it is a business not a lifestyle and you must treat it as such. You need a business plan, you need to improve your networking skills and you need to make a profit from providing excellent client care… and much more.

Follow the tips in this book and you could be on your way to success in a great business.

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What others say…

Great book that does exactly what it says on the cover… provides lots of top tips. Perfect, no nonsense information that is as much about starting a business as it is about the world of an investigator. You’ll read it in no time and it will make you think.

Sasha Hudson

This book is awesome… and a must have on everyone’s book shelf. Not just for people wanting to be private investigators but also anyone in any form of business will find this handy book packed full of useful information and helpful tips that I shall defiantly be adopting in my own business.

I’m going to order copies to give out to all my business contacts for Christmas as I’m sure they will all agree that every business owner needs to read and adopt all the points within this book.

I eagerly await more books from the author.
– Sarah

What a fabulous insight to the world of Private Investigation… This book is definitely one that you need in to have in your arsenal as a fledgling Private Investigator. Full of honest, useful and informative tips A good read and thoroughly recommended!

– Scott Harrison (Surveillance Operative)