Reinhard Heydrich Iron Heart

Iron HeartAuthor: Tina Gayle
ISBN: 978-1-910406-06-9

SS General Reinhard Heydrich former Head of the Gestapo died 72 years ago and remains the only Senior Leader assassinated in WW2. He was known as The Butcher of Prague, The Master of Death, and The Hangman; and described as The Most Evil Man of the Third Reich.

This book reveals new first-hand evidence that will explode some of the myths and stories about him.

Hitler called him ‘The Man with an Iron Heart’, but do you know why? Find out whether Canaris was actually a friend or foe, and the secrets of the real relationship between Heydrich and Himmler that spanned eleven years. You might be surprised to learn who was controlling whom in the RSHA and why a small silver bell with Heydrich’s name on it, had me chased by armed guards in Prague just last year.

Heydrich was Acting Head of State in Czechoslovakia for just 8 months, but his vision of ‘New Europe’ has affected the Europe we know today.

All this and more is revealed in a ‘Serious Case Review’ style investigation with myths busted and secrets uncovered from first-hand information about the man with an IRON HEART.

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What they say…

A book that has no scientific claim, but explodes myths  that are told about Heydrich repeatedly. The book is interesting to read and Tina Gayle does not avoid to point out that today’s image we have of Heydrich is primarily based on British propaganda of WWII , which acts until today. The writer shows the “monster” from a completely different side, while it is guided by cool consideration (deliberation ). Who is contrary today will naturally earn criticism. I liked it..-
Dr. Michael Kuhn, Germany

Tina Gayle’s new book (Reinhard Heydrich Iron Heart), gives a real insight look into the life of Reinhard Heydrich.  This book reveals new first hand evidence that will explode some of the myths and stories about this SS General.  The book is very well researched and well presented. The myths about Heydrich are clearly answered by correct facts and are backed up with good evidence. This is a must read book for all who are interested in third Reich history.
– Waffen Militaria

Just finished reading this excellent book, which gives a real insight into the life of Reinhard Heydrich. The book is very well researched, and well presented. There are many myths about this man which are clearly answered by correct FACTS and not MADE UP FAIRYTALE stories that I have seen and read in other related books on members of the third Reich especially SS members. Unfortunately like all war facts, history is written by the victors. Not in this case.
– Jason Kelly

Could not put the book down. Fascinating insight to the man. Researching this must have been a painstaking task. Well done to the author.
– Jennifer Storey

A fabulously fascinating read. It gave me a whole new perspective on the man and the events which had formed his life and his participation in the Reich. This work was obviously well researched using sources which have not been ‘done to death ‘ as in many other books. A refreshing style of writing, I look forward to enjoying more of her work.
-Georgina Chaffe