EmbersAuthor: Amy Keen
ISBN 978-1-906377-54-0


…the Salem witch trials are not over;
they have evolved

Scarlett Roth loves nothing more than to immerse herself in a good book. So, the tale of a modern-day witch hunt and a sinister adversary threatening to irrevocably alter a young girl’s life forever should be the perfect story in which to lose herself. Unfortunately for her, this is not another book, she’s the girl, the threat is real and she will unearth one of the modern world’s darkest secrets – the witch trials are not over, they have evolved.

Scarlett’s life is thrown upside down when she starts having terrifying visions. Her only comfort in a strange new town comes in the form of Jake, the enticing and popular centre of seemingly everyone’s attention. But the more she learns about her ‘power’, the more she realises her interest in him is drawing unwanted attention of the darkest kind.

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… what others say:

Couldn’t put it down…
This book is absolutely amazing! I saw an advert for it in a paper and couldn’t wait to read it, and I was not disappointed! Loved the characters, cannot wait for the next one!”


It was amazing, fantastic, fabulous!…
I have never read this genre of book before, normal sticking to romantic comedy type of books. However this book has completely changed my mind.  I could not put it down, it was sooooo exciting and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. The character of Scarlett is fantastic, I felt like I knew her. I cannot wait for the second book and will be pre ordering! I cannot recommend this book enough.

– Kazzie Pink

I bought this book on recommendation and my word it didn’t disappoint!…
I literally could not put it down, the first few chapters make you feel close to Scarlett and make you believe in her, as the story continued I felt more and more involved and found myself racing through the pages to see what happens next. The only thing I found disappointing with this book is that it had to end! I can not wait until the sequel comes out.

– Johanna

…it leaves the reader eager for the next instalment…
I ordered this book with few expectations, this genre not being my usual choice, and was surprised to find it an enjoyable, absorbing and entertaining read.

The gently paced start suited me well, with the scene being set in a way that leaves the reader building up a subtle understanding of the characters, without being aware of it. Nothing is hammered home, there are no heavy plot clues, but there is an air of unease about some of the characters from the start. I found myself drawn in, because like Scarlett, I felt a growing sense that something was not quite right, but I couldn’t identify what it was. This effortless affinity with the protagonist made for an excellent read.

In Scarlett, the author has created a heroine who is both approachable and realistic – the usual trials of high school are well-covered, and it’s hard not to warm to Scarlett’s honest handling of these events. Likewise, the villain is presented in a way that allows the reader to make up their own mind, and it is with a growing sense of dread we realise, like Scarlett, that we are not mistaken. Scarlett herself is far from perfect – her brief moments of petulance remind you that for all her reasoning and patience, her great strength is in her knowledge of her support. Her relationship with Jake is refreshingly mature, and it is the sort of portrayal lacking in modern teen culture, with the focus firmly on values.

The latter part of the book picks up the pace, and without wanting to spoil the ending, it was exhilarating to realise that far from being an ending, it was just the beginning of something much bigger. It is testament to the author that such a change in direction happens so unexpectedly, and like all good cliff-hangers, it leaves the reader eager for the next instalment.
– Secretbookworm

The next Twilight…
I have to say when I was recommended this book by a friend I was sceptical having a) never read any Amy Keen and b) not considered paranormal romance as my ‘genre’.

However for any sceptics out there, dismiss your preconceptions, this is one of the best books I’ve read all year, a real page turner and you cannot help but get drawn in and transported to every scene through some brilliant descriptive writing by Amy Keen. From the very first chapter I was captivated with Scarlett and her relationship that later develops with Jake… I will say no more.

This is a must for any reading list full of dark twists and turns. I can see this being the next Twilight Series, WATCH THIS SPACE! Brilliant.
– Jeremy Thomas

 The Salem Witch Hunts have always fascinated me and as I read this book, I imagined myself, actually there in Salem, along side Scarlett, I laughed with her, I cried with her, I felt her fear and I felt her pain and I await the next instalment of the saga, safe in the knowledge, that once again, I shall be transported back to Salem, side by side, with this new-found heroine, as she battles evil.
– Old Grey Bear 

Hurry up Amy, I need to read the next instalment… FIVE STARS…
Finished it in the bath last night and came out looking like a prune as I couldn’t put it down. Good build up, wonderful characters and story that had me gripped. I will definitely be recommending Embers to my friends, I’m sad to say none of us are teenage girls any more but I know they will love it.

– Julie

The best compliment I can pay this book (the best compliment you can pay ANY book) is to declare it a “page turner”…
I read it in three sittings; as a pre-sleep read which had me turning pages so eagerly that it went way beyond my standard bedtime, a 04:00 – 07:00 read; result of not being able to sleep (probably because I needed to know what happened) and a quick half an hour to conclude while sat in my office (the beauty of the iPad).

The tiredness I now feel was worth it; this was quite simply a great read. It transcends ‘genre preference’ with a bewitching ability to make you keep on reading from first page, to last. Like any addictive story; it leaves you frustrated that there isn’t more to read RIGHT NOW. Cast all pre conceived ideas of this genre aside and just read this book; I can guarantee you won’t be able to put it down when you have.
– Midds

I already cannot wait for the next one!…
Scarlet is one of the strongest relate-able characters I have ever read about, the heart stopping moments and terrifying add to this amazing modern twist on the Salem Witch Trials. I loved the way that the book transported you to the exact places in her life, a real triumph.

The book pulled me into her world so quickly that I was painfully eager to get to the next chapter, the next page. I cannot recommend this book enough; there will be a lot of people in my life getting this book for Christmas. I will be pre-ordering the second instalment as soon as it’s released!
– Emma Trotter

This is an amazing read, couldn’t put it down…
read it in 6 hours! The characters are really well crafted and you can really relate to them. I’m 18, so the target age for the book and I really enjoyed reading it, but I think any age would love it too! The plots great, loads of exciting turns that keep you guessing and the ending is a proper cliff-hanger, really want to read the next one now!

– Robyn Winter

I would recommend this book to everyone and anyone of any age!…
Paranormal fiction is not my usual genre of choice but I was drawn to this book and it is not a decision I regret! Whether you are a fan of paranormal fiction or just a lover of a good book with strong characters, an intriguing story or even in search of a little romance this is a perfect book for you.

The plot is well thought out and keeps you guessing what is just around the corner. What I loved about the concept is that it’s not far-fetched that you cannot believe what you are reading… every detail seems within the realms of possibilities while still managing to stretch your imagination.

The highlight has to be the strength of the characters. I simply could not put the book down; I had to know what would happen to them next as you instantly form a bond with them.
– Sarah Stead

Captivating. What a superb story…
It puts a modern spin on the Salem Witch Trials with unexpected twists and turns keeping you glued to the page throughout. The author’s ability to create a scene is second to none, brilliantly describing the surroundings leaving you feeling like you are right there in the moment.

The characters are wonderfully written too, you instantly fall for them and their story. Scarlett’s internal monologue in particular is fantastic. You can strongly relate to their thoughts and feelings from your own experiences, whether past or present, making your connection to them even stronger. Whatever your age, whether you fall into the Young Adult demographic or not, this is a great read.

Highly recommended. Can’t wait for the next in the series!”
– Simon Gill