54 Ways To Keep Your Family Healthy

Author: Hannah Bailey
ISBN 978-1-906377-69-4

54 Ways

“An inspirational “must have” guide for healthy eating and living. Easy to read and to apply the tips to everyday life”
Sarah Brown, inspire2aspire

Ever wondered how some people manage to lead busy lives but cook from scratch, exercise and generally feel great? They aren’t better mothers or wives than you, they have learnt techniques over time to help them fit more into their day and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Through a combination of practical tips and the science behind health messages, 54 Ways to keep Your Family Healthy shows you how to:

 Feed the whole family from one meal rather than making several

Lose weight without dieting

Fit exercise in for all the family

Feel great


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What others say:

The author’s practical tips on how to keep healthy are so easy to follow and are really clear to follow – none of the usual jargon!! I’d recommend this if you want straight forward honest advice!
– Dam

This little book really helps you make sensible decisions over your family’s eating habits. No fads, aimed at busy families, but great for singles too .
– Louise B