Author: Michael Scott

ISBN 978-1-906377-14-4

In ‘2055‘ Michael Scott applies his experience and intuition to the prevailing trends to produce a highly feasible scenario for the 2050’s.The hero of this story is on a spiritual quest. His name is Oswin. Like Parzival, he must surpass his worldly prowess. God, in the traditional sense, is even more problematic for Oswin than it was for Parzival. Unlike Parzival, who felt that God had let him down, Oswin has never felt the presence of God in his life, even as an unsatisfactory master.

On the other hand, nearer to the Parzival ideal, Oswin feels that his own short life needs some spiritual influx. It is an uncomfortable feeling. He has little idea how to find spirituality, let alone absorb it. He is even doubtful about the word itself, with its doctrinal overtones. For him, it’s mainly a matter of meaning in an apparently meaningless cosmos.


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