Michael Scott

Michael_Scott RS1931 – 2016

Michael Scott’s early years in rural Gloucestershire laid the foundation for his lifelong interest in landscape and wildlife. Although he qualified as a biologist and acquired a PhD at university, his feeling for the beauties and tragedies of nature was diverted for years by his agricultural research and, eventually, senior management posts. He became a part-time field botanist and ornithologist, and developed his skills as a landscape painter, which activities counterpoised the commercial environment. Early retirement made it possible to spread and intensify the activities which nourished his soul. In the last twenty five years, Michael has worked in the personal development field and become a poet and novelist alongside his passion for painting. His first novels, the ‘Fairley Quartet’ and ‘Imago’, carry the themes of his new life, while later novels such as ‘Brothers’ and ‘Nirvana Highway’, also draw upon his experience of Transpersonal Psychology. Works such as, ’2055′ and ‘Siren Voices’, address what many see as the current breakdown of our civilization. Michaels book, ‘The Inward Eye’, presents a retrospective of over 80 of his paintings with explanatory texts, in addition he is currently working on two titles, ‘Being versus Doing’ and the importance of ‘Mystical Experiences’.


We are deeply saddened to announce that Michael passed away on July 27 2016… Michael held a great intellect and philosophical perspective through which he explored the deeper meanings of life and the universe. His thoughts and observations live on through his books and paintings. Michael was a great friend and will be immensely missed by all those who knew him well and had the honour to spend time in his company.

Inward Eye Siren Voices