Eileen Scott

Eileen ScottIt is with deep sorrow that we announce that author and friend Eileen Scott recently passed away.

Eileen had an amazing career. In the male dominated world of business of the 1960′s she fought her way up through the ranks of senior executives at ICI, then the world’s largest chemical company.

Eileen recounted being invited into the oak panelled boardroom of ICI, then the largest chemical company in the world, where the directors were seated as they smoked cigars and drank whisky. The Chairman said, ‘Eileen we just want to tell you that had you not been a woman we can clearly see that one day you would have run this company’, at which point Eileen was waved out of the room. Thankfully, times have changed.

Among her prolific creative output Eileen has authored several books such as ‘Savage Quest’, ‘Soredia Inheritance’ and ‘Ziggurat’. She has also produced hundreds of paintings, a snapshot of which can be seen in the book ‘Being Visual’ which spans over twenty years of her work.

Our thoughts and love are with Eileen’s husband, Michael, while Eileen’s kindness, wisdom, beauty and wonderful smile will stay with all those who knew her. 

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