David Skivington

David and Bee Skivington
David & Bee Skivington

David completed an MA in Development Studies in which he explored the cause of many social issues. His studies focused particularly on the caste system in India. After this he trained as a teacher and taught RE in the UK for three years. For over a year he and his wife, Bee, worked as volunteers, teaching English to children in a rural orphanage school in Andhra Pradesh, South East India. David loves being immersed in different cultures and has used his experiences in India to craft his new crime thriller novel, which is set in Kolkata. His novel looks at the prejudice faced by the Dalit caste and also the cruelty of human trafficking.



Scar Tissue Blessed, Bound & Broken

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Dalit Freedom Network Dalit Freedom Network UK are one of several charities
around the world who are doing great work in the fight
against human trafficking. For more information click here.