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Siren Voices

In Michael Scott's latest novel, 'Siren Voices', Sem Nancarrow a successful barrister, imagines his world. It is, in his delusionary picture, being increasingly controlled by a secret conspiracy of 'Crocodiles', cold blooded, efficient, human in appearance only, who are changing civilization to suit themselves. Despite the horror of total world dictatorship, Sem cannot help seeing certain advantages in this absolute regime and becomes involved in its organisation.


Eventually Sem comes out of his 'dream' and sees the world as it is. The 'Crocodiles', are still in charge but inefficient and fighting amongst themselves, in other words, acting as 'normal' humans. But the imaginary period has made Sem look with new eyes at the 'real' world. He finds new courage in himself and begins to oppose the many ways in which the establishment deceives and mistreats ordinary people. It is as if he sees for the first time what he has always known.


When the 'Crocodiles' bite back, Sem suffers, as rebels often do. He just survives, as rebels often don't. Wiser, Sem discovers what now appears obvious to'll need to read it to find out!


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   Michael Scott  

Dr. Michael Scott has had overlapping careers in biology, business strategy, and the arts.

Michael is the author of several books, he is also a prolific painter  and shares his passion for the arts by encouraging and supporting others in their craft. His latest novel. 'Siren Voices' has recently been released. A book of Michael's paintings, 'Inward Eye', is also available. Michael is currently working on his next novel due for publication in 2008.

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A wake-up call for the uninitiated


V. R. Clifton (Knaresborough, England)

Mike Scott is an accomplished wordsmith whose books are always original and incisive. Siren Voices is an exceptionally good example of this. Scott pulls no punches with Siren Voices. He looks at the accepted establishment with distain. Having the advantage of being a seasoned insider who has become disillusioned with the glitzy lure of executive privilege; he takes the reader through an entertaining parody of those who inhabit the upper echelons of power. By likening these individuals to crocodiles, he gives a fascinating insight into the human psyche and questions the veracity and direction of the present establishment. I could not put this book down; it is intriguing and highly entertaining!


Don't get stuck in the given world, choose your own inner world


GH Schibel-Mason "Lena" (York,UK)

One of the key phrases in the book for me comes from the main character Sem's daughter:"If we focus too much on the given world, we will never make it to the chosen world." This choice and how it is lived under most adverse outer circumstances, is what attracts me a lot to this book. We can choose not to react to the outer given world and follow our deep wishes for happyness and awareness. Thank you, Michael.



John Patrick (London)

A fascinating story, exceptionally well written, that develops with every page into an incredibly believable tale with a `terrible' ring of truth! Highly recommended!!




Mr. Laj Chatard "Leo" (Lyon)

A most interesting psychological novel, not the easiest but gripping.
Well done Michael Scott!


A Brilliant Book


Rob A (Leeds, England, UK.)

A gripping and wonderfully well written book filled with intrigue, entertainment and intelligence. A book bound together with passion and high energy filled with highly creative thoughts and thought provoking complexities. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it.


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