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Kirsty Jayne Crow

Kirsty Jayne Crow

“I was born in Bournemouth but aged just six months, moved to Jersey. The Island, with its beautiful golden beaches and pink granite cliffs, was an idyllic place to grow up. Life got even better when we began making regular trips to Italy. These culminated in a six month stay in a Tuscan farmhouse, a perfect treat for a 10 year old boy. By this time, however, I had already encountered the first signs of the gender dysphoria that would blight my adult life.

“I became fascinated with aircraft and by taking a weekend job at the airport, was able to fund my Private Pilots License. A career as a pilot beckoned, but was not to be, as at the age of 22, I contracted Type One Diabetes. Unperturbed, I pursued a career in airline operations, working for several major carriers. Unfortunately, my private life was more turbulent, my judgement clouded by my battle with my own identity. After two disastrous marriages I met Julia, but what should have been the perfect relationship was blighted by a female alter-ego that wouldn’t be denied.

“The aftermath of the 9/11 attacks devastated the airline industry and a successful career with Air UK came to an end, just when I’d been on the point of transition. I continued in the industry for several more years, but was forced out by increasing prejudice. With no other job offers on hand; I retrained as a Driving Instructor, an occupation where you work on a self-employed basis. Initially I enjoyed great success, but with the economic downturn, the market became flooded and the occupation was no long viable. I elected to move to Thailand where I completed a TESOL course so enabling me to work as an English Teacher.”