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Being Visual
ISBN 9781906377038

Being Visual highlights examples of paintings by Eileen Scott spanning a twenty year period.

This work is produced in full colour and case bound (hard back). Size is 210mm x 210mm. 


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   Eileen Scott  

Eileen Scott has had an amazing career. In the male dominated world of business of the 1960's she fought her way up through the ranks of senior executives at ICI.

Like her husband Michael, Eileen has had overlapping careers in biology, business strategy, and the arts.

Among her prolific creative output Eileen has authored several books, she is a painter. Her latest work 'Being Visual'  is a sampling of paintings spanning some twenty years of her work.

Alasdair The Red Of Troon is written with Michael and its illustrations are based on paintings by the two artists.

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Being Visual

Alasdair the Red of Troon

Here are a selection of images from Being Visual. Click on thumbnails to see larger image.





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