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Aqil Radjab


Aqil Radjab

As National Director of BNI in the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium Aqil helps his colleagues to grow their businesses and support the 4500 members in both countries.

After serving in the Royal Dutch Navy for 7 years he decided it was time to become an entrepreneur. With lots of enthusiasm and zero experience he managed to go bankrupt within three years after starting his business – he pulled himself together and started to work on,- and develop the one thing he can control in fluctuating economic situations – himself. With learned lessons and new insights he started a new company: Payroll Company. With the help of his BNI chapter members Payroll Company became one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands for 5 years in a row, reaching more than 2000 employees just 7 years after it started.



  The World's Worst Entrepreneur