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The Little Book of Visualisation
ISBN 9781906377137

Visualisation is the ability to use your imagination and your emotions to energise an idea and gradually draw it into your reality. It can be used to build confidence or to enhance wellbeing, ultimately whatever it is you wish to focus on this book will help you to visualise a successful outcome.

We encourage you to use this approach in the workplace, with your team, in your personal life, or as a teacher or educator, or as chair of a committee or school council. It can even be used in the boardroom to help you move towards your organisational aims. The pack will help you to find the best approach needed to get the outcomes you would like.


Based on the visualisations in the book, we encourage you to make up your own positive visualisations to suit your own particular goals and intentions.  
his book will change your life!


4.99 with free post & packing  

   Rachel Walmsley & Rick Armstrong  



Rachel Walmsley is the founder of Succeed Training and Development Ltd and a partner at Mentor - UK. Rachel works as a consultant in business and in schools, using transformational learning tools such as peer coaching and visualisation. She runs 'Creating a Coaching Culture' a course which has been successfully implemented by over 100 schools nationally.

Rick Armstrong is Founder of Mentor-UK, he is an inspirational speaker and trainer who works with companies and organisations around the world in leadership and management development.

      Give the gift of visualisation...Top 10 ways to use this book...


1.       As a thank you to clients, customers, referrals etc.

2.       Give to your staff to help motivate and inspire.

3.       Give to your suppliers to thank them for their support.

4.       As a gift - seasonal, birthday, anniversary, graduation etc.

5.       Give to students to inspire positive thinking.



6.       As an incentive to sales staff for hitting targets.

7.       Give to prospects at trade shows, expos, conferences etc.

8.       Give it to someone who gives you excellent service - restaurant, airline, hotel etc.

9.       Give it to your children, it will make them think.

10.   Give to new clients or employees as a 'golden hello'.


'Visualisation is life transforming. It is the best way to change negative thoughts to positive; it

empowers individuals to achieve all they can dream. Visualisation helps create a future

filled with opportunity. This pocket sized book will help you

to take control of and plan your life.

Margaret Lupton

Head Teacher - Primary Education



'This little book is packed with great techniques that will help readers clearly see today

a perspective of how great tomorrow can be.

Kate Reed

Inspired Life training



'The authors have clearly put thought into condensing transformative techniques

in a way that the reader can easily and quickly

establish precious moments of visualisation.

James Mackenzie Wright

Author of Seven For A Secret





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