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Taskers End - Alan Reynolds
ISBN 978-1-906377-57-1

Available in paperback and for digital readers

If there is a thin divide between brilliance and madness, who is to judge our sanity?

In his second novel, Alan Reynolds follows up the five-star rated Flying with Kites with a gripping psychological thriller, Taskers End.

The story opens with three criminal psychiatrists reviewing the case-notes and background history of Gerald Perry, a wealthy former forensic science student and diagnosed schizophrenic. We learn about his tragic up-bringing and the incident that lead him to be interned to a mental institution indefinitely.

When the decision is eventually made to release him, Gerald assumes a new identity and returns to his family home, Taskers End where he had been brought up by his beloved grand-parents. He soon discovers that in his absence they had died in mysterious circumstances and, using his forensic skills, starts his own investigation with devastating consequences.

Then there is the beautiful Maureen. For everyone who becomes involved with Gerald Perry life will never be the same again.


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   Alan Reynolds  


Following a successful career in Banking, Alan established his own training company in 2002 and has successfully managed projects across a wide range of businesses. This experience has led to an interest in psychology and human behaviour through watching interactions, studying responses and research. Leadership has also featured strongly in his training portfolios and the knowledge gained has helped build the strong characters in his books.

His interest in writing started as a hobby but after completing his first novel in just three weeks, the favourable reviews he received has encouraged him to take up a new career. The inspiration for his stories comes from real life with which people can easily identify.

Alan Reynolds titles include Flying With Kites




A Brilliant Read...

I'm never normally gripped so much by storylines but this kept me in suspense throughout. Just couldn't put it down!
Wasn't able to work out the ending either, an absolutely excellent read, bring on the next one!'
- Anita Flowers


Gripping stuff...

This story had me hooked from the outset. I'm sure that my pulse rate must have increased as I progressed through it and circumstances, decisions and fate all began to take effect. I recommend this book to fans of Ruth Rendell and I don't think for one moment they will be disappointed.
- Anne Ulah


Awesome read...

I donít read very much at all and itís not the type of story I would have chosen but I could not put this book down. The whole story totally believable. Towards the end I just could not leave it and sat all night reading to find out what happened. Great ending, not what I expected at all.

- Claire Setchel


I recommend it as a must read book...

Having read Flying with Kites I was eagerly waiting for Alan's next book to be published. It was well worth the wait. Another excellent read with wholly believable plots and characters and a brilliant twist at the end. Psychological thrillers are my favourite genre and this is one the best I've read for some time. 

- ĎSnow Leopardí


Beautifully written from beginning to end...
This second book by Alan Reynolds is truly excellent, there are so many twists to the plot, it was thrilling (as a good thriller should be) yet totally believable. Like his first book Flying with Kites, Taskers end is beautifully written from beginning to end. I'm really looking forward to his next offering.

- Pauline Taylor


I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out what was going to happen...

After reading Flying With Kites I was excited to read Alan Reynolds new novel, Taskers End, and I wasn't disappointed. The characters are believable, it's a well written book.

- Heather McLaren


Alan Reynold's characters are so real that you will be finding yourself identifying with them...
There's nothing contrived or false about the all too human characters in this tender yet disturbing new book from Alan Reynolds.

Gerald Perry, murderer, psychotic, confined to hospitals for the criminally insane, finally gets the parole he had waited for for so long. This is not a 'Hannibal Lecter' bacchanalian orgy of blood and gore, but a subtle story of a man coming to terms with life in a world that had changed so much. He is a man in search of answers to the mysteries of the empty house he returns to, and the true fate of the grandparents that raised him. Alan Reynold's characters are so real that you will be finding yourself identifying with them, and with Gerald Perry and who he becomes.

- Geoff Newman

Top marks for a great thriller...

A relevant situation where a person who should be confined, isn't, and the consequences are staggering. This book is a great thriller, and kept me awake until 01.30, the chapters left you wanting to keep on reading, until the end, which I thought I had worked out, became something quite different.

- Sue Longhurst


Another brilliant book by Alan Reynolds...
I read Alanís first publication Flying with Kites whilst on holiday last year which I thoroughly enjoyed and I found Taskers End to be just as enjoyable to read and very difficult to put down once started. Taskers End is brilliantly written and easy to read... and not forgetting about the superb ending. Iím definitely looking forward to more books by this most talented author.

- Sandra Knight


Great read...

Just finished Taskers End... Couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out what was going to happen!

- Heather


Most impressive...

I  have just finished reading ďTaskers EndĒ. A good story well written and believable. There is no doubt in my mind that Alan Reynolds is a fine novelist.  I simply had to finish it because I could not put it down. Congratulations all round. I look forward to his next story.

- Donald Mant


Brilliant plot, utterly compelling read...

I felt empathy towards Gerald/Greg and loved Maureen who totally fell for Greg!!
Loved Flying with Kites too. This was very different but equally as good. Keep them coming Alan!

- Vicky Spencer


A cracking read...

I've been waiting for this book to come out for some time since I finished reading Flying with Kites and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. It's a thriller form beginning to end and I read my kindle at every opportunity, it's at a good pace and the characters are interesting, I won't say anymore as it would spoil the story line but for a £1 a giveaway price is well worth a read.

- JohnK9500


An excellent yarn...

I loved this book, it has a great build up and loved the end. This would make a really good holiday read, there are few books that I go off to work and look forward to coming back and picking up on what Gerald has been up to. If you like suspense this is it, I got the ending completely wrong... which was fabulous as so many books state the obvious. Happy reading.

- Longhurst


5 Stars. Well done...

10pm and I couldn't put it down...! Well done yet again on writing another fab book, I loved it. What a twist... didn't expect that one!

- Lisa Morris






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