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Scar Tissue - David Skivington
ISBN 978-1-906377-68-7

Available in paperback and for digital readers

"While the story of Scar Tissue is purely fictional, the issues of human trafficking and/or caste inequality raised are all too real."

In a single phone call, Rachel's entire life unravels. Transported to a dingy basement in Kolkata to identify the body of her murdered husband she has no explanation for his presence in India. As she searches for answers about who the man she married really was she finds his death surrounded by allegations of drug smuggling, child trafficking and murder. Unsure of what is true and who she can trust, Rachel has no idea of the danger her husband's hidden life has put her in.

Read about Dave and Bee through their blog, click on the image below:


   David Skivington  


David completed an MA in Development Studies in which he explored the cause of many social issues. His studies focused particularly on the caste system in India. After this he trained as a teacher and taught RE in the UK for three years. He is now working as a volunteer, teaching English to children in a rural orphanage school in Andhra Pradesh, South East India.


David loves being immersed in different cultures and has used his experiences in India to craft his new crime thriller novel, which is set in Kolkata. His novel looks at the prejudice faced by the Dalit caste and also the cruelty of human trafficking. 








Photograph is of David and wife Bee.

Reviews... Reviews... Reviews...



This book had my full attention from the first to the last page...

Each scene was gripping, so much so that it was difficult to put the book down and go to sleep because I wanted to know what happened next! Would make a good visual drama, either film or TV as it tackles a subject that needs to be uncovered. The author obviously has a love and understanding of India and its people which shows as he explores this area of caste and the "untouchables". If you know a little or a lot about India you will enjoy this book.

- Linda Marsh


Gripping piece of literature which cannot be missed. Highly recommendable!...

Scar tissue is a book touching the subject of child and women exploitation. Set both in India and Europe the author introduces us into the murky world of this degrading crime. The novel is very specifically constructed revealing gradually its aim which is a very surprising ending.

- Leszczynski


Really enjoyed reading this book...

The author conjures up vivid images through his very descriptive writing style. Having been to India, all those little details brought many memories flooding back. Although a fictional book, It touches on some harrowing real life issues. It was a great idea that some charities were in the back of the book, to follow up on the issues that were written about. I enjoyed the way the book had a dual story style. This built tension, and I couldn't put the book down! A big thumbs up and I can't wait for more from this author.

- Gaz


A wonderful novel on a truly moving topic...

A fabulous read delving into the depths of child trafficking - and what's more, he supports several charities in India trying to put an end to this horrid occurrence. Wonderful, thought-provoking and well worth your time.

- Nicola Beedle


Great read, couldn't put it down...

Loved the alternate threads. Author has a good understanding of the underlying issues, excellent way to bring this topic into a more main stream environment, reads as a detective style novel and as an exploration of social issues both within Indian society and our own western world. Excellent!

- Hilly


What a fantastic read...

Really enjoyed the way this book is written as it carries you through the high emotions and struggles of a wife coming to terms with the husband she thought she knew. The subject of child trafficking in India is at the fore of this gripping novel and the scenes set by the Author has you living the nightmare along with the characters.

- S M Sutherland





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