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Love at Work
ISBN 9781906377120

Create genuine personal growth for yourself and your colleagues, and sustainable growth for your organisation and the world around you.

At last, we can say the word love at work. We can acknowledge what has been true all along: love is what works at work. Love has been just outside the office door for centuries. We have heard its knock, but we have said, not here . Some enlightened leaders have recently moved to, not yet . But finally, Nigel Cutts has said, now. In this beautiful book he has opened the door. He has done this because love is what produces results. People perform best when they are loved: when they are respected, when they can soar because of who they are their experience, their talents, their capacity, their intelligence is cherished. We all know this. Now we can stop believing the nonsense. We can stop putting off putting love on the top of the list of required expertise in leaders.

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   Nigel Cutts  

Nigel Cutts was born Yorkshire towards the end of the Second World War, he was educated at Scarborough High School for Boys, Leeds College of Art and Kingston College of Art.

His career in the design world spanned more than forty years. His first job was as an assistant to Don Ashton, the hotel and film designer of the Fifties and Sixties who designed the original Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong and won an Oscar for "Bridge Over The River Kwai". At his second firm he was made their youngest ever Associate. During the late Seventies and through the Eighties he ran his own substantial design business and latterly set up the UK office of an international firm of architects, ending up as an International Director before retiring from main stream business in early 2009.

Nigel is someone who has always believed that to be the best you need to be with the best even in his childhood days, when he learned to water ski with the Cambridge University Water Ski Club. From this he became a founder member of his local club where he was chief instructor and club champion for several years, teaching people like Dickie Henderson and Nicholas Parsons.

The natural progression of his life has been towards a combination of excellence and people. He now brings all this knowledge and experience together and runs, with his wife Gilly, Cutts & Cons, a consultancy specialising in coaching, counselling and mentoring business leaders specifically in the area of improving the quality and independence of their thinking and giving that full expression.

Nigel and Gilly live in Surrey and between them they have seven children and nine grandchildren.


"Love at Work is the key to unleashing talent and building success."

Nancy Kline

President & Founder of Time to Think Inc.



"There is no doubt that you will feel the benefit from the wisdom of

these pages - as will everyone else around you."

Vanessa Ascough

Centre for Leadership Studies - University of Exeter



"Find yourself in its pages then page yourself at the office and see who answer!

No matter where you stand on the corporate ladder,

this book will be a valuable resource."

Bill Russell

Director, Future Options



"Nigel Cutts has shared his innovative advice in this important book which must be

destined to become a standard school of management text."

George Metcalfe

President, Business Referral Exchange



"Nigel's message is a great one - when we bring love

into the world of leadership, we all benefit."

Talane Miedaner

Author of international bestseller  Coach Yourself To Success

Founder of






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