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Kid Pro Quo - James Mackenzie Wright
ISBN 978-1-906377-79-3

Available in paperback and for digital readers

Kid Pro Quo™ is an insightful, step-by-step coaching approach for parents. It explains precisely how we can become emotionally intelligent ‘Parent-Coaches’ and invites us to dance that fine line between praise and challenge, as we attempt to grow our children towards confident, cheerful adulthood. How many of us (just occasionally) have noticed ourselves relating to our children through a filter of “You have a problem” or even “You are the problem”? In this ‘must-read’ for parents, James Mackenzie Wright leads us to connect with our children through new words and new eyes. Now as Parent-Coaches we will see only infinite potential - why would anyone want to see otherwise?


   £12.99 + P+P


   James Mackenzie Wright, MSc  


An apprentice Parent (aren’t we always, really?) and Head of Training at Performance Coach Training Ltd, James creates coaching cultures in organisations worldwide, speaking and workshopping on respectful communication, leadership and emotional intelligence. His audiences are diverse - corporate, sporting, charities, schools, teachers, parents and young people - although his teaching is constant; creating and sustaining mature communication structures at every level of society.

His philosophies for team and family leadership are identical: To enthuse and empower new leaders (rather than to create followers). His methods target the fundamental people-issues, that support children, parents and families to stay healthy ‘from the inside, out.’


He is committed to the work of Amnesty International and speaks regularly in schools and colleges around the UK on its behalf, as well as to a London-based charity, The Ministry of Entrepreneurship, providing coach-training workshops to disadvantaged young people.

He has published an educational novel, Seven for a Secret - a new coaching perspective for bereaved children aged 11 to 111!


James lives in West London with Romanie, Loic and Luke, and Slinky the cat.








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