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Collected Poems - Michael Scott
ISBN 978-1-906377-61-8

Available in paperback and for digital readers

Michael Scott's early years in rural Gloucestershire laid the foundation for his lifelong interest in landscape and wildlife. Although he qualified as a biologist and acquired a PhD, his feeling for the beauties and tragedies of nature was diverted for years by his agricultural research and senior management posts.

He became a part-time field botanist and ornithologist, and developed his skills as a landscape painter, which activities counterpoised the commercial environment. In the last twenty years, Michael has worked in the personal development field and became a poet, novelist and artist.


   Michael Scott  


Dr. Michael Scott has had overlapping careers in biology, business strategy, and the arts.

Michael is the author of several books, he is also a prolific painter  and shares his passion for the arts by encouraging and supporting others in their craft.

His first novels, the 'Fairley Quartet' and 'Imago', carry the themes of his new life, while later novels such as 'Brothers' and 'Nirvana Highway', also draw upon his experience of Transpersonal Psychology. In 'The Inward Eye', Michael features over 80 of his his paintings with explanatory texts. Michael is married and he and his wife Eileen, also a novelist and painter, have their home in York.






Michael Scott is a poet for whom words just tumble from his keyboard like a volcano in full flow...

There are some wonderful autobiographical passages as when he writes: was always just as 

Wrong or incomplete as any of the religions that I had discarded

Before the age of ten. And so I found a freedom of the mind, long

Before it reached my heart and (shall I call it) soul, and in a way

Became a naturalist at least in spirit...


I particularly liked In memory of Water which taught me certainly more science and maybe more religion than I ever learned either in academy or at seminary. It put me in mind of  Larkin's 


If I were called in 

To construct a religion

I would make use of water


and of the Tao Te Ching's 


Highest good is like water. 

Because water excels in benefitting all things without contending with them 

and settles where none would like to be, 

it comes close to the way


and thereby continuously makes new.  Michael's poems are like that, firmly rooted in the brutalities of life while at the same time richly endowed with wings of mindfulness soaring above; and maybe that's why ornithology has been one of his life long passions. As he writes in a brief early poem A Little Knowledge  . . . 


A little bird  told me 

All that he knew . . .  

All that I know.


That's a little gem.


- Andrew M. Hill



I have read Michael Scott's excellent Collected Poems and I enjoyed very much the experience...

Michael is an extraordinary wordsmith who paints some lovely images in the readers mind. We share his joy and his despair at himself, those he has loved and loves, and the disparate human condition. This collection of verse is not for the faint hearted and is oft crafted to challenge the conventional thinker to offer one new insights into how we relate to each other and to one's inner self. Shaman, mystic healer, painter, writer and mentor, Michael Scott is a must read poet/author who will take you on a worthwhile journey and share in his deep love for this fragile earth.

- Richard Thompson





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