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Anomaly - Leona Deakin
ISBN 978-1-906377-73-1

Available in paperback and for digital readers

Psychologist William York is the last to indulge in fantasies of time travel. Logical and sceptical he tries to rationalise the inexplicable changes he finds when he wakes from a failed suicide attempt. He is supported in his efforts by Sorella Grey, an intrigued woman who comes to his aid. As the truth becomes unavoidable, William discovers that the seemingly advanced world hides a dark secret. On the surface it is peaceful and harmonious. Discoveries about the human mind have transformed the planet. Brain enhancements have increased empathy and intellect in the human race rendering prejudice and conflict all but redundant. But as a disturbing truth begins to emerge, William faces the stark reality that he may be about to lose his reason for living once more.


   Leona Deakin  


Leona Deakin is an author and chartered occupational psychologist. She lives on the outskirts of Leeds with her husband and a scruffy long dog called Sedgeley.


She began writing stories as presents for her younger sisters. Then in 2010, whilst reading about the latest advances in psychological research, she found her self pondering the question, if psychological understanding continued to progress along current lines, what kind of future would it present? And if one of us was faced with that, what magic and mayhem might we find? And so was born her debut novel, Anomaly.









I read this book in record time for me as I just couldn't but it down... A love story with sci-fi, psychology and mystery, it had me gripped with excitement and also in tears at points. Would recommend to anyone who likes something a bit more interesting than your standard mysteries and romance novels.

- Angelina


A great read, just couldn't put it down... A wonderful mix of relationships, psychology and romance with a twist at the end. Loved it.

- Hils


This book is a fantastic read!... It is a real page turner that kept me guessing right to the end.

- RB


This extremely descriptive book, kept me enthralled throughout...

Not knowing which way next, and I kept catching myself saying noooo...

- Lisa Lou


This is one of those books that you find yourself just reading another page then just another and just another...

A lovely story mixed with some science and psychology, I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

- Jo Adams


A really good read.. glad I got it now...

I bought this book on recommendation after a friend wouldn't stop talking about it... It is very well written and easy to get lost in this book.

- JJ


I'm not usually a good fiction reader, but this book kept me gripped throughout. Strongly recommend to anyone who likes a good story!
- Richard Kirkpatrick


...enjoyed it immensely...

It's difficult to label this novel. It's about relationships, science, human nature and civilization. It tells several stories on a number of levels woven together by the relationship between the two main characters when their, very different, lives collide. Its a complex plot but doesn't confuse the reader or have you flicking back to check details. The narrative unfolds with ease giving enough detail to make it interesting and believable. I had genuine concern and empathy for the lead characters. They matured through the book revealing past experiences and future hopes with sensitivity and realism. You can see bits of yourself in the characters and understand their decisions. I read this book quickly, because I wanted to know what came next.

- RW


Clever parodies between what the future might be like and today's world and a good love story too.

- Sally




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