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From Alsace to Yorkshire
The Making of a Passion
ISBN 978-1-906377-47-2
Hard back

Classically trained chef Lionel Strub graduated from Ecole Hoteliere de Strasbourg in 1982. From the age of six Lionel worked in his Grandfather’s bakery. It was there that Lionel drew inspiration and belief in simplicity and quality of ingredients. After graduating, Lionel spent three years at Le Restaurant des Vannes in Liverdun, an acclaimed two Michelin star restaurant with head chef Jean Pierre Cotard.

After a year in Germany during his national service, Lionel worked in restaurants across Europe and the U.K.

After more than 25 years in England, Lionel is now an award winning chef and restaurateur running Mirabelle Restaurant in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Lionel has developed a creative combination of modern French and British cookery.

From Alsace to Yorkshire is not just a recipe book, it also provides an insight into one chef’s challenging journey through life, from France to England, from Alsace to Yorkshire.

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   Lionel Strub  




Lionel Strub was born in Eastern France in June1964 in what was a small, yet quickly growing town called Nancy in the region called Alsace Lorraine.  His mother was a young nineteen year old student nurse at the local hospital. His father was a bus driver, but he was also married to someone else and did not hang around once he found out about the pregnancy. To this day Lionel's mother doesn’t often speak about him and he never got in touch with his son.


In 1964 no real help was given to single mothers. It was clear that she could not both work and look after her child. So the first few years of Lionel's life were spent in foster care after which he ended up being passed around family friends and people he barely knew.


He still vividly remembers staying in a home where he had to eat alone in a different room away from everyone else simply because he wasn’t considered part of the family.  He didn’t seem to fit in anywhere or with anyone. This went on for some time and Lionel became very unsettled, over-active and badly behaved. This was reflected in his early school years which were nothing short of a living nightmare.


Then at the age of eight his Grandmother decided enough was enough and undertook to look after the boy rather than seeing him being part of a game of ‘pass the parcel’...

Alsace to Yorkshire is not only a recipe book but the story of one man's life and a passion for cooking that has taken him from being that restless boy to award winning chef and owner of the Mirabelle restaurant in Harrogate, Yorkshire.



"Sometimes you come across a cookbook that is an undiscovered gem – a book that is not in the main stream media of TV and Celebrity Chefs, that isn’t plastered all over the internet or advertised in national papers or in their uber trendy supplements… a book that is packed with seasonal, innovative and tasty fare, that is written with passion as well as culinary intelligence. Such is this book..."

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