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54 Ways To Keep Your Family Healthy

ISBN 978-1-906377-69-4

Available in paperback and for digital readers


“An inspirational “must have” guide for healthy eating and living. Easy to read and to apply the tips to everyday life”  

Sarah Brown, inspire2aspire


Ever wondered how some people manage to lead busy lives but cook from scratch, exercise and generally feel great? They aren’t better mothers or wives than you, they have learnt techniques over time to help them fit more into their day and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Through a combination of practical tips and the science behind health messages, 54 Ways to keep Your Family Healthy shows you how to:


Feed the whole family from one meal rather than making several

Lose weight without dieting

Fit exercise in for all the family

Feel great


   Hannah Bailey  


Hannah was born in London and spent much of her childhood in Hertfordshire and then Lincolnshire. She left Spalding, Lincolnshire to attend Sheffield Hallam University where she gained a degree in Public Health Nutrition, she has now set up her own company, Wise Choice Nutrition.


Hannah has had a keen interest in cooking from a young age and this continued through school where she studied Food Technology until A Level. As a child, she would often cook with her Mum or Granny and has many fond memories of these times. Her father also had an allotment when in Hertfordshire and many hours were spent helping him. Hannah’s mother has always had a keen interest in food and this has been passed on to Hannah who loves cooking be it baking, making soups or just preparing dinner.


Her parents ran a post office and convenience store in Spalding for a number of years. Hannah would often help out with the shop and later with her father’s property development business. She has always been interested in business and has wanted to run her own business for a number of years


Hannah’s other hobbies include running, music and spending time with friends and family. One of her goals for 2013 is to run a half marathon and full marathon both of which would be for charity. She is passionate about charity work and was recently involved in an event to raise money for the Sick Children’s Trust whilst promoting healthy living with a collaboration partner, Fun Me Fit.


Her ambition is to change the way the nation eats by encouraging healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Hannah wants to change people’s perceptions of healthy food and show the country how it can be tasty but healthy. She is passionate about families eating together and eating the same meal.









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