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Listen to Alan Reynolds talking about his novel

The Sixth Pillar 





Congratulations to Lee Travers
on the publication of:

Inspiring Women Leaders

What does real inspirational leadership look like for you in the 21st century? How can you harness the power of diversity through being truly inclusive of women leaders?

In the aftermath of a global crisis, where the trust in many male decision-makers was undermined, people are hungry for better leadership. This needs our very best men and women.

In Inspiring Women Leaders, Lee shares the personal stories and wisdom from her interviews with over 100 female and male leaders around the world. They have found their own paths to success and happiness, as they define it, often in the face of adversity. Many have been very open and vulnerable; sharing times when they have got it wrong. They generously share how ... read more




Congratulations to Elaine Wilson
on the publication of:

The 6 Diet


If you are living with diabetes you’ll understand that food and your health are intrinsically linked. 

Most diets fail because they don’t bring the long-term benefits of weight-loss combined with better health – shockingly, research has shown that a large proportion of the weight lost as a result of most dietary approaches consists of healthy lean tissue rather than body fat.  ‘the 6 diet’ is different because ...read more




Congratulations to Barbara Faris
on the publication of:

Clare of Assisi


The Catholic hagiographical myths surrounding Clare of Assisi describe a woman of extraordinary virtue and superhuman perfection. In an effort to humanize Clare the author has used hagiography and mythology.

This study uses history, psychology and literature to interpret Clare’s life and her writings. Psycho-mythology, which depends upon an expanded use of active imagination, undergirds elements of the personal content incorporated in this work. Legends, dreams, and visions share insights with ...read more




Congratulations to Alan Reynolds
on the publication of:

The Sixth Pillar


There is nothing as tragic as man’s inhumanity to man; what triggers such hatred that some are prepared to give up their own existence to destroy another’s way of life?   ...read more




Congratulations to Elisa Wilkinson
on the publication of:

Seeing is Believing


There are many questions
regarding the supernatural...


Can a witches curse from 1630 force her accuser to

   haunt The Heath Common?

Can dreams predicting the future come true?

Who or what saved a woman trapped in a wrecked vehicle?

Is there an angel in the Holy Trinity Church, Wetherby?

Do UFO`s exist or are they figments of our imagination?

  ...read more




Congratulations to Morag Higgins
on the publication of:

Eye of the Unicorn


On a dying planet two species compete for survival. The San, a people who have been divided into tribes through war, bigotry and hate, their population devastated by a mysterious illness. Their rivals, the Cuc, a hive species who declare all out war on the San.  ...read more




Faces of Duplicity


Jack Tipping takes you back to the turbulent times of the eighteenth century in this story of intrigue, passion, murder and retribution.


A young man is ambushed, assaulted and left for dead. He is saved by locals but his head injuries have left him paralyzed, disfigured, and without any memory of his past life. Although disabled he saves the life of the exquisitely beautiful daughter of a local baronet. He falls in love with the girl ...read more




Kid Pro Quo


Kid Pro Quo™ is an insightful, step-by-step coaching approach for parents. It explains precisely how we can become emotionally intelligent ‘Parent-Coaches’ and invites us to dance that fine line between praise and challenge, as we attempt to grow our children towards confident, cheerful adulthood...  read more


"… this is Access-All-Areas family coaching -
sensitively written with a light touch"

Margaret Connelly – Interesse


"… so refreshing to see emphasis on creating
a respectful family environment before
adding the coaching skills"

Rachel Walmsley – Succeed Training





Psychologist William York is the last to indulge in fantasies of time travel. Logical and sceptical he tries to rationalise the inexplicable changes he finds when he wakes from a failed suicide attempt...  read more


"...this is one of those books that you find yourself just reading another page then just another and just another. A lovely story mixed with some science and psychology, I thoroughly enjoyed it all".

Jo Adams


"Really loved this book, all the twists and turns (none of which I saw coming!) make it an addictive read that I just couldn't put down until the early hours of the morning. Highly recommended".

Nic Maughan



54 Ways To Keep Your Family Healthy


“An inspirational “must have” guide for healthy eating and living. Easy to read and to apply the tips to everyday life”  

Sarah Brown, inspire2aspire


Ever wondered how some people manage to lead busy lives but cook from scratch, exercise and generally feel great?... read more





Scar Tissue


In a single phone call, Rachel's entire life unravels. Transported to a dingy basement in Kolkata to identify the body of her murdered husband she has no explanation for his presence in India... read more



"While the story of Scar Tissue is purely fictional, the issues of human trafficking and/or caste inequality raised are all too real."




Breaking The Bank

by Alan Reynolds


In his latest novel, Alan Reynolds has blown the lid off the culture and practices in British Banking that led to the financial crisis of 2008.


The book is set in a fictional Bank in 1997 and follows the exploits of Martin Brazier the manager of a branch in the North of England. We learn at first hand about the pressures exerted by the bullying Regional Director and his relentless drive to achieve targets... read more



"Brilliant and insightful..."

- John Leach


"This book is one I could not put down..."

- Kate Goddard





by Amy Keen

Scarlett barely escaped with her life the last time she ran in to The Venari; but she refuses to spend her days looking over her shoulder... read more


“Scarlett is Bella with edge” Stephanie Jackson


“This has to be the next Twilight Series” Jeremy Thomas

Inspiring Leadership

Jonathan Perks MBE 


If you aspire to lead others or you want to enhance the leadership skills you already possess, this book will clearly show you the way forward.


Regardless of your walk of life, corporate or military, education or scientific, sales or non-client facing, one-to-one or mass audience, wherever you require to lead, motivate and inspire others you need Inspiring Leadership... Read more


"It is an excellent concept and I am sure will make a significant contribution to the understanding of leadership. A combination of a theoretical discussion and a personal memoir strikes me as a great formula."

General Sir Richard Dannatt

"An essential book for business leaders with pragmatic tips and wise advice from powerful stories."

Deanna Oppenheimer
CEO Barclays Retail Bank

"The author tackles an aspect of leadership which is often avoided - either because it is too difficult to capture or is ignored as irrelevant.  On the contrary, unless a leader loves those he leads then inspiration and motivation become elusive.  I commend this book."

  Major General John Stokoe



More Time To Think

Nancy Kline 


The greatest gift we can offer each other is the

framework in which to think for ourselves

Does everyone's independent, fresh thinking matter more now than ever? More Time To Think is a resounding “yes” to this question. In this graceful, sage, second book in the Time To Think series, Nancy Kline will take you into the heart of the Thinking Environment as it has unfolded over these ten years since the publication of Time To Think. ... Read more


"The Thinking Environment is a
revolutionary and inspiring tool."

Martin Kalungu-Banda

Author of Like Madiba: Leadership Lessons From Nelson Mandela

"As we make sense of change in the 21st century, a deep understanding of the Thinking Environment should be part of every leadership development programme. It intrinsically values the contribution and humanity of each person, and drives team effectiveness. Its power is evident in
higher quality relationships, as well as in
shorter, smarter meetings. Bravo!"

Rosemary Grant

Statutory Director, Johnson & Johnson Medical UK




Collected Poems

by Michael Scott


Michael Scott's early years in rural Gloucestershire laid the foundation for his lifelong interest in landscape and wildlife. Although he qualified as a biologist and acquired a PhD, his feeling for the beauties and tragedies of nature was diverted for years by his agricultural research and senior management posts. ...read more




Back Road

by Chris Gill


    Pete used to live a humdrum, nine to five existence before escaping into a world of travel, beer, study, sex and cigarette smoke.

    Searching for enlightenment, he instead began toiling with his ego, obsessing about gaining recognition and glory for himself. Glory on a nationwide scale, a worldwide scale!  ...read more

"...Excellent easy read, that has you hooked!"

"...Chris Gill writes excellent, realistic dialogue"

"...you'll struggle to better Back Road"


"...An enjoyable and thought provoking read"





Taskers End

by Alan Reynolds

    If there is a thin divide between brilliance and madness, who is to judge our sanity?
    The story opens with three criminal psychiatrists reviewing the case-notes and background history of Gerald Perry, a wealthy former forensic science student and diagnosed schizophrenic. We learn about his tragic up-bringing and the incident that lead him to be interned to a mental institution indefinitely
...read more


"...Beautifully written from beginning to end"

"...I recommend it as a must read book"

"...I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out
what was going to happen"

"...Top marks for a great thriller"




by Amy Keen


"...already being compared to
the Twilight series..."

                                 Yorkshire Evening Post

Scarlett Roth loves nothing more than to immerse herself in a good book. So, the tale of a modern day witch hunt and a sinister adversary threatening to irrevocably alter a young girl’s life forever should be the perfect story in which to lose herself. Unfortunately for her... read more


"...Captivating. What a superb story..."


"...an amazing read, couldn't put it down"


"...amazing, fantastic, fabulous!"


"...it leaves the reader eager for the next instalment"




So you want to be a...
Private Investigator

by Ray Castlehow and Rick Armstrong


If you are considering setting up as a PI or you are already established, there are tips within these pages that will point you in the right direction, perhaps provide a timely reminder of the things you may already know but have let slide or simply ideas to maximise the many opportunities that exist.... read more


From Alsace to Yorkshire
The Making of a Passion

by Lionel Strub


"A book that is packed with seasonal, innovative and tasty fare, that is written with passion as well as culinary intelligence. Such is this book..." Karen S Burns-Booth - Lavender and Lovage

From Alsace to Yorkshire is not just a recipe book, it also provides an insight into one chef’s challenging journey through life, from France to England, from Alsace to Yorkshire...read more


Beetles of Northern England

by Martin Procter


While browsing through a second-hand shop, Martin Procter found a book containing the lyrics of the Beatles and had the idea that the titles could be illustrated as beetles... read more

Photography by Pat Procter


The Little Book of Philosophy

by Bill Tomkiss & Rick Armstrong


When the authors set out to gather philosophical quotations for this book
they did so with two factors in mind.
... read more




The Alpha-Omega Anomaly

by C J Hansen


Terror stalks the sinister streets of Victorian London... Anna has always had the power to “see” the true nature of people, an ability which has frightened others and led to her persecution. But, aged fourteen, Anna discovers three things which will change her life forever...read more

"...The book is thoroughly enjoyable
and leaves you on the edge"

"...a refreshingly well written book"

"...I absolutely loved this book and
could not put it down"




Flying with Kites

by Alan Reynolds


In a powerful and moving account, we follow the plight of Katya Gjikolli, an English teacher who is forced to flee her native village with her baby son after her husband had been captured by Serb forces and believed killed...read more

"I recommend this book...I read this book whilst on holiday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I couldn't put it down. I would recommend this book".

B W Harrison


"A great story, great read, just grab you towel, bikini, sun cream and your kindle, hit the beach with this great summer read!"

T Wise


"You are the first writer I know to accurately describe the harrowing testimony of the victims of rape and war crime in Kosovo".

Fatmire Halili-Bunjaku




Horsemanship for the 21st Century

by Morag Higgins & Mark Higgins


Equido is an ethos, a way of thinking and interacting with your horse that should enable you to step into a world of possibilities that you did not even know existed...read more


What a gift it is to have such open access to the beauty, wisdom, kindness and knowledge that Morag and Mark share with us in Equido Horsemanship for the 21st Century.  We are sure you will enjoy and treasure it just as much as we have.” 

Mark Rashid


"...Equido recognises the horse has feelings too and that you must work with these. It is not about physical strength, it’s about your energy."

Andria Reid




by Morag Higgins

"...publishing hit of the year"

Glasgow Evening Times



This is the true story of a life shared and a relationship formed over twenty years, between Morag Higgins and her companion, a horse called Bruja. At times humorous, often deeply emotional but overall one woman’s story of a lifelong bond between her and a horse from which she learned so much. ...read more


“Anyone who has spent time around horses will be moved by this account. Any young girl who has yearned for a horse of her own will be inspired.
It will touch the hearts of all who read it.”

Sue Armstrong



"An emotionally descriptive account of the horses’ ability to
teach, the altruistic companionship they give and
commitment they so rightly demand."

Alan James Mueller



Seven For A Secret
James Mackenzie Wright


Operation Leprechaun

Bernard McGrath

Love at Work
Nigel Cutts

The Little Book Of Positive Thoughts
Rick Armstrong
& Rob P. Brown

The Little Book Of Visualisation

Rachel Walmsley
& Rick Armstrong


The Little Book Of Thinking Dog
Sue Armstrong

Alasdair the Red of Troon
Michael & Eileen Scott

Spilling the Beans

Lisa Wright 

Michael Scott

Siren Voices
Michael Scott

Inward Eye
Michael Scott

Michael Scott
Being Visual
Eileen Scott

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