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Congratulations to the following authors 
on the publication of their books:

steps-to-win-ofcCiara Feely

Steps to WIN

Clients go through different steps in their decision-making processes.  The more YES’s you get at each step, the more likely you are to convert the sale.  I will break down a few steps of this buying process herein, and show you how to align your sales process with how Planners make decisions. Aligning how you sell with how the Planner buys will be a key component in dramatically increasing your conversion rate… read more



nose-nibbling-monsterPeter Skivington

Nose Nibbling Monster

A wonderfully illustrated book for children about the Nose Nibbling Monster and how the bravery of one small boy and his eclectic group of friends attempt to convince the furry intruder to change the error of his ways… read more

Our Family, Our StoryRobyn Bowman

Our Family, Our Story

Robyn was motivated to write when she and her husband were lucky enough to conceive their longed for baby through egg donation. Counselled to explain the process to children at an early age, she searched for a book with the idea that this could be part of their sons early reading material… read more


Life of MamilsMartin Gatenby

Life of Mamils

When Martin Gatenby was a small boy, he saw the Tour de France on television for the first time. Like many people who have witnessed this great spectacle…read more



PyramidsOFCDolores Storey


Fear and panic welled up inside her as she struggled but her efforts of escape were to no avail…

Many years ago, on the small Aztec island of Tolico, hundreds of people with extraordinary blue eyes were kidnapped from their native kingdoms and brought to be sacrificed to the Gods…read more



TFR OFCMichael Scott

The Fifth Revelation

This book started as an analysis of the heroic fallacy but became several other kinds of story. Primarily, the portrait of a protracted breakdown in the author Michael Scott’s psychological and physical make-up, although he struggles hard not to go under, making his account more useful for others to read. It’s neither pathological, nor self-indulgently self-pitying… read more


Black Belt ThinkingNick Forgham

Black Belt Thinking

A Black Belt who is calm in a crisis, who knows their potential and how to achieve it. A Black Belt who knows who they are, and who is comfortable with others because they know and understand themselves.

This book is about the Black Belt that is within you… read more


Cones-on-the-Rails-CoverOFCChris Madeley

Cones On The Rails

“You have all done a wonderful job and should be proud of the fact that right now, this educational engagement publication, is currently the only 4-7 rail safety publication currently in circulation within the industry.” Chris Leech MBE

Conerad, Conestance, Cone-Vera and  Conen were very excited. They were ready for another adventure! They were standing outside a beautiful  building with arches and lights. 
“This looks exciting,” Conen whispered. “Shall we go in and see what we can find?”
“There are no humans about,” said Conerad… read more… 

TheCoatOFCAlan Reynolds

The Coat

The worst decisions are sometimes made with the best of intentions, a simple error of judgement which unleashes a catalogue of life-changing events.

Keith Woodley, owner of a struggling coach business decides to treat his wife to a new coat and a night out for her special birthday. When she returns home… read more… 


Too Young To Grow OldAnne-Lise Miller

Too Young To Grow old

Why do so many of us believe that growing older means we must accept a gradual loss of health and wellbeing?

In this ground-breaking new book, respected health practitioner Anne-Lise Miller shows why we don’t need to accept that ageing and worsening health go hand-in-hand. Minor ailments such as ‘brain fog’, feeling tired, headaches, sleeplessness, constipation, aching joints, weight gain and low libido are common symptoms … read more

Climbers ThreeDennis Wynne-Jones

Climbers Three

…When the Wells sisters from the tiny hamlet of Denton, near Ilkley, Yorkshire, took up mountaineering at the start of the twentieth century, little did they know that they were to become pioneers in women’s climbing in the UK. At the time of the growing strength of the Women’s Suffragette movement, women-only mountaineering began... read more

BBBcover-OFCDavid Skivington

Blessed, Bound & Broken

On the eve of the biggest festival of the year, the Indian village of Agnipatnam is in a frenzied state.

A teenage girl is hanged, prompting furious rioting. British television presenter Rupa and her team arrive amid the mayhem… read more

Poems and PaintingsEileen Scott & Michael Scott

Poems and Paintings

…This book is represents the prolific output of two people who are extraordinary writers, artists, philosophers and scientists… read more