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 Congratulations to:

AGOCofcGill Belchetz
on the publication of:


A young man tragically ends his life on the train tracks. From this final act, a rich tapestry of interconnected stories is born, spanning continents and cultures, weaving and relating in the most unexpected waysread more



Martin Haigh & Geoff Cumber
on the publication of:

Start Line

 ‘A lack of exercise could be killing twice as many people as obesity…’

…regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and can help reduce the risk of developing a range of negative health issues. Those who exercise are less likely to get ill and they will generally live longer… read more

Chris Madeley
on the publication of:

Cones Make New Friends
Illustrated by Zara Hussain

   Early one sunny morning Conerad and Conestance were standing at the end of a long line of Cones, talking quietly together. They were bored with standing in the same place. 
   Conerad said, “Do you remember, when we were covered in Moondust and we shook it off by rocking from side to side? Perhaps, if we keep shaking, we could move away.” Conerad frowned as he tried to move about… read more

 The World's Worst Entrepreneur 
Aqil Radjab
on the publication of:

The World’s Worst Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is the dream of many. But what if that cherished dream turns out to be a nightmare? Aqil Radjab threw himself wholeheartedly into the entrepreneurial adventure. He went bankrupt ending up with his family in debt. After his bankruptcy he started to gather together the pieces of his life… read more

Amy Keen
on the publication of:


Scarlett has come a long way; Salem and the fate of those who went before are far behind her, but she finds herself following a terrifyingly similar path. She is being drawn into the clutches of her enemies and they have proved time and again, they will stop at nothing to harness her power. read more