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Reinhard Heydrich Iron Heart


Congratulations to: Tina Gayle

on the publication of:

Reinhard Heydrich Iron Heart

SS General Reinhard Heydrich former Head of the Gestapo died 72 years ago and remains the only Senior Leader assassinated in WW2. He was known as The Butcher of Prague, The Master of Death, and The Hangman; and described as The Most Evil Man of the Third Reich.

This book reveals new first-hand evidence that will explode some of the myths and stories about him… read more


The Cones are coming!

Congratulations to: Chris Madeley
on the publication of:

Meet The Cones

“Down a long street in the big city there stands a very tall building. On the top floor, in a special office, works a Very Important Person. He sits behind a huge desk with piles of paper on either side of him…” … read more


The Tinker

Congratulations to: Alan Reynolds
on the publication of:

The Tinker

Who is the mysterious visitor who turns up every year in the picturesque Cotswold village of Drayburn? What dark secret is he keeping?

In another gripping thriller, award-winning writer, Alan Reynolds creates intrigue and finger-nail biting tension

read more